A Beginners Guide to Wearing Blazers

A Beginners Guide to Wearing Blazers

Blazers are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. These shirts provide the suave urban look that every stylish man must have. Whether you want to be a plain shirt or have a complex layered look, the Blazer will always be ready to add a touch of hip hop culture into your everyday style. Many consider blazers as their favorite wardrobe staple. Let’s take a closer look at this essential blazer.

The majority of blazers are one solid piece with two separate but equal pieces: the blazer sleeve and the lapel piece. A blazer generally is worn as a thicker version of a sport jacket shaped somewhat loosely like a tailored jacket. Often, a blazer is designed from solid colored, breathable fabrics and generally has no buttons. Blazers are usually designed with a zipper front rather than buttons, for easy and quick access to the interior.

While most blazers are one-piece, there are some exceptions. Jackets can come in two distinct fabrics: outside-only and inside-only jackets. For the inside jacket, the inside material is usually lined and the outside closed or blocked. This allows the jacket to be worn comfortably even when it is not buttoned up. Additionally, for the outside only blazer, buttons are usually present but the outside is left open.

Blazers have been a part of every man’s basic wardrobe for many years and are now considered an “in” thing for anyone with a casual wardrobe. One reason why blazers are so popular is because of their timeless fashion design that never goes out of style. If you want to make a bold statement in your wardrobe, a blazer paired with a pair of chinos or a shirt will definitely say it all.

Some classic blazers include the trench, double-breasted, and checkerboard blazer. Each of these styles is made from different materials including tweed, linen, cotton, wool, silk, etc., and they come in a variety of colors including tan, green, blue, black, white, brown, and pinstripe. The double-breasted blazer has a collar that can either be fastened under the left or right breast and may also contain patch pockets on the outside of the blazer. The checkerboard blazer has one long panel that can be buttoned or worn open; the front may contain three or four small pockets.

The other type of blazer, which is often forgotten about, is the military blazer. These blazers are usually worn with dress trousers or khakis rather than pants and jeans, and they are made of heavier materials such as canvas, leather, or even cotton. The most common style is the trench, which may have a button flap or two along the front or a zipper flap on each side. Other popular military blazers include the flap and snap gator, combat, and flap breast pocket blazers.

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