A Casual Chic Look With a Sporty Twist

A Casual Chic Look With a Sporty Twist

A plaid sports coat is a great way to get the look of hardworking men. It’s also a great way to be stylish and chic in the most unique of fashions. Whether you’re dressing up for work or going out on a date, this type of jacket is perfect for both situations. This article will give you some great advice on buying a great pair of plaid pants for any season, including winter. With a little bit of knowledge, it won’t be difficult to grab one of these jackets and put it on with everything you have in your wardrobe.

If you are dressing for work or business, your best bet would be a plaid sports coat and jeans combination. You can find these items in just about any style that you are looking for. Your basic jacket, long or short, and your jeans should all match. Choose a dark color so that they will really pop on your best date night. For a really cool and casual look, pair your jeans with a plaid sports coat and you are all set.

If you are out on a nice evening, you might want to wear your plaid sports coat with a jacket and tie. You can find this combination’s in almost any color that you want, and they will really pop on an evening out on the town. You can dress up a casual t-shirt or a dressy top with a great blazer. Pair it with your jeans and you’re all set for a great night out.

Work clothes don’t always need to be reserved for the workplace. One great place to wear plaid sport coats and jeans is at an informal social gathering. Unlike office attire, there are plenty of fun and interesting ways to wear this type of clothing. You can find them just about anywhere; some department stores even carry them. If you are attending a party, an informal get together with friends or family, you can easily put these items on and mix and matching different colors, patterns and prints.

Sport jackets can be a bit more formal than casual ones. They are usually wider, they are usually longer and their jackets tend to be more fitted. Though most plaid sport coats are fitted, it is still wise to try them on in the store to see how they fit. Most sport jackets today are made more for functionality and not fashion. They are made to be comfortable and easy to move in, not to make a fashion statement.

Another great way to wear sport jackets to work formal occasions is to pair a nice, tailored, woolen plaid shirt with a matching dark leather or corduroy blazer. The look is very chic and very sophisticated, perfect for those who are attending work formal meetings for the office. The shirt and blazer pair well with a short-sleeved or long-sleeved plaid pants in either black or navy, as it gives you a very smart and business like appearance.

Black is a classic color that always looks sharp and polished, whether you’re at work or at play. For this reason, black leather plaid sport coats look especially great for the office. With a dark leather jacket and dark shoes, you have a very polished look. Wear a dark brown plaid shirt with khaki trousers and you’ll have an informal look. With a light blue plaid shirt and plain, white shoes, you project that casual but elegant vibe.

You don’t have to wear your sports coat to work, of course. A great pair of jeans or a nice dress shirt will do the job just fine. If you do decide to wear a plaid sports coat with your casual clothes though, make sure that you pair it with some dark denim jeans. A nice black, skinny pair with some dark wash jeans or a dark blue Jean with a solid black shirt is ideal for the cooler months.

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