A Plaid Blazer to Fit Any Wardrobe

A Plaid Blazer to Fit Any Wardrobe

The plaid blazer is one of my favourite basics for fall and winter yet surprisingly stylish enough for almost any occasion. It’s timeless and flattering at the same time which means that you can play it up, dress it down and even wear it casually to work, at least in the winter when you have to worry about getting to the office. It goes with everything, so you never get bored wearing it. You can easily pair it with a shirt and tie or even a plain blouse under a coat, especially if you’re at work. You can also wear plaid blazers in summer to create the laid back look for a more casual lunch hour or shopping spree.

A plaid blazer is a great staple for any wardrobe. It works with just about any outfit because it can be worn to work, out to dinner or even to a casual day out with friends. Wearing this outfit can give an appearance of laid back, but still exuding self-confidence and a certain sophistication. To pull this off you should aim to keep your outfit simple. Simple outfits tend to be easier to team up with each other and easier to carry all together. This also means that you can wear your plaid blazer with almost anything without it being too much.

To complete this look I usually wear a basic white button-down shirt with a simple patterned tie. This is the perfect way to dress up a white shirt because you can go from there to match any outfit in your closet. You can even wear a plain white button-down shirt under a jacket if you don’t want to match the patterned tie, it really depends on how you want to carry it. Some people prefer to keep it fairly simple, while others enjoy experimenting with different patterns and colors to mix things up and make their outfit stand out.

Another great thing about pairing a white cotton blazer with a simple tee is that it works for business casual. No matter what your line of business is, there will always be a need for basic tee shirts and a plaid blazer can provide that basic style. The key is to pair your business casual outfit with a white tee and you’re good to go for any type of day.

For a slightly edgy, anti-chic look that exudes self-confidence you could choose to wear a plaid blazer with skinny jeans. Pair your jeans with a plaid blazer in a solid color, but add some contrasting prints or bright colors to give the illusion of being a little different. This look is great for a night out on the town or a picnic. Pair a plaid blazer with skinny jeans and a classic tee shirt and you have a simple and cool outfit that’s sure to get you noticed.

If a more sophisticated look is desired, but still wants to convey warmth, opt for plaid blazers paired with tailored suits. A single-breasted blazer in a darker shade of gray is ideal since these suits are often made from a heavier material. Pair your gray suit with a plaid blazer in a similar material and in a color that works with the suit. A single-breasted blazer in black is also ideal since black is a neutral color that works with just about any ensemble. Pair your gray suit with a single-breasted, double-breasted jean and you’ve got a timeless combination that never goes out of style. Pair your plaid blazer with a dark denim jean and you’re instantly wearing a pair of pants that work for the office and even for the night out.

Another great way to get one of these great outfits is to add it to your current wardrobe. Since they are such a popular wardrobe staple, it should come as no surprise that you’ll be able to find a plaid blazer to complete your existing wardrobe. There are plenty of styles available so finding the right one shouldn’t be difficult. A basic single breasted plaid blazer in a darker shade of gray or black is a great addition to your already existing ensemble. Or, get one in a contrasting color for an edgy look that works well with jeans, trousers, shorts, or leggings.

Don’t worry too much about not being able to put the outfit together initially. As long as you have all the other basics in place, you should be able to pull off this great look. A plaid blazer can be worn with just about anything and is an easy way to transition into a different look without completely changing your wardrobe. Whether you choose to go for the classic single-breasted version or pick up a pair of jeans, a plain tea, or a nice pair of sneakers, you’re sure to look good once you put on this great look!

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