Add Some Color to Your Jeans With a Red Blasser

Add Some Color to Your Jeans With a Red Blasser

A red blazer can be both elegant and original. It can be worn with a shirt and tie or on its own. This all depends on your style preference. Red blazers are not limited to men, nor are they limited to weddings. Whether you are heading out to the club or to a romantic dinner with that special someone, you can pull off an impressive red blazer look with no problem at all.

A red blazer can be both edgy and sophisticated when you are not wearing some black. For work, pair your red blazer with a basic black suit and a solid tie for a simple but still sleek work look. For a night on the town, opt for a shiny or sparkly red blazer in a darker shade over a basic black jacket and jeans.

You can also accessorize with a red blazer. Whether you are heading out to the club or to a dinner party with that special someone, you can show off your stylish side with this classic accessory. Worn with a simple, button down shirt, a blouse with a plunging neckline, or even with a vest, your red blazer will draw compliments for the evening. If you are heading out to the daytime brunch, pairing your blazers with cotton, or silk shirt is the perfect way to bring out your style. If you are heading out to the office, you can wear your tube top and pencil skirt along with your red blazer for a more professional-looking ensemble.

No matter what your age or your gender, the key to putting together a great look with a blasser is to use your imagination. Go beyond the typical tie and belt and take it up a notch by adding some interesting accessories to your red blazer. One of the most popular ways to jazz up your blasser is to add a small, not-so-trendy, accessory such as a statement chain or an oversized, bold bracelet. For something a little less bold, go with a small, plain statement necklace or a chain link on your jacket. Either way, you’ll easily pull off the look of a red blazer that isn’t too overstated.

You’ll find that you can go from casual to formal when you dress up your blasser in the right way. For instance, if you have your sleeves rolled up to your elbows in the morning and your shirt is short, you can go with an oversized, dark red blazer. Wear a thick, dark sweater in the winter with your blazers and you’ll be all set for any number of occasions. You can even turn your red blasser into a v-neck by wearing a v-neck sweater over top.

If you need a pick me up, you can always throw in a v-neck sweater, a colorful cardigan or a plaid skirt to round out your red blasser look. You can really have fun with these accessories and really make a fashion statement with a red blazer that isn’t too extreme. You’ll find that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to pull off a great look with this versatile piece of clothing. With the right accessories and a bit of creativity, you too can be dressed down to just dress-up!

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