Blezers: Promotional and Not So Promotional

Blezers: Promotional and Not So Promotional

A bleached blazer isn’t just for the military. For as casual and accessible as it is, a bleached blazer can be an absolutely killer fashion statement. If you’re looking for a way to make a statement without looking too “staged” try blazers that are bleached and don’t have any other embellishments on them. You can’t go wrong with this option if you’ve never had one of these jackets before because the bright color will pop out and draw attention naturally. They also make great everyday wear and are surprisingly comfortable.

The ninth seminar of the 2021, American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. has been shrouded in controversy since proceedings opened. There was news that the host of the event was going to do something behind the scenes to eliminate a certain challenge from the podium, but before anyone knew what that was, the opening was delivered and Dr. Helen Thomas presented her case. Her defense attorney presented his case and suddenly there was a commotion behind her and there were shouts from the audience for her to get out of the podium. The problem?

Helen was not in the mood to leave the stage so ten percent of the conference attendees poured out onto the floor in her support. Her ten percent of supporters kept her where she was, and the remainder made their way up to the stage to offer their support. It was at that point, the speaker went to her laptop, loaded the PowerPoint presentation that she’d prepared for the conference, turned it on, and started reading her prepared speech.

What followed was an interesting situation where there were demands for the removal of the blezer and there were actually demands for the removal of the blezer. A motion was presented by the second speaker demanding that the blezer be taken off of the podium. The first speaker tried to reason with the second speaker and ask him to please take his blezer off because he didn’t know that it was being used in the conference, and also asked if he could tell the speaker that it was being used by the Ten Most Dangerous People in the World.

Blezer distributed the following statement to all conference attendees: “I hereby release the blezer. My life is under serious threat. I have nothing to do with this situation. I am merely a witness. I am requesting that all blezers be removed from my life immediately so that nobody comes within five feet of me and I remain safely out in public.”

The blezer was soon returned to its owner. It was proudly displayed on the podium with the caption “I hereby approve this document and swear under penalty of perjury that I am not in any form involved in or associated with the removal, ownership, or use of this product in any way whatsoever, and that I will never give the item, or any accessory for that matter, to any individual or organization to use in any way in furtherance of any program conducted by the United States government.” Then the blezer was duct taped to a piece of duct tape and was hung up on the wall. No one was allowed to touch it or see what was occurring.

Ten years later, after numerous phone calls to the U.S. attorney general’s office, the blezer was returned to the bleachers. When asked why they had been returned, the representative said that it was their policy to return things that were determined to be a safety issue, which included blezers. No charges were filed. Later that year the blezer was stolen from the bleachers again.

Blezers are excellent promotional items. You can give them away at conventions, seminars, conferences, and just let them hang around in your office for your employees to view. They are generally easy to hand out and very effective. If you have not yet ordered a blezer, now is the time to do so.

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