Cape Blazer Or Skinny Jeans, How To Make The Transition

Cape Blazer Or Skinny Jeans, How To Make The Transition?

Cape blazers have been around since 1950, and they remain as popular today as they were then. Cape blazers were the first “hoodie” style garment and they’ve always been a favorite with teenagers. They have always been great for casual wear, but the latest designs have made them suitable for every occasion from a night out to the day job. Here s quick advice on just how to rock this timeless fashion.

Whether your style is slim or thick, leggings or tight pants, capes or cardigans, capes and blazers match with almost every outfit. A classic black cape blazer can be dressed up or down, worn with a shirt or shirtless, with boots or stilettos or just rolled up and not pulled down. The great thing about these versatile outerwear is they can be dressed up or down to suit your mood. A simple change of shoes can make all the difference.

This year we saw one of the hottest trends from last season, a little black dress that was turned into a chic little black cape blazer. This outfit was so cute and feminine, it went well with every type of business casual outfit from skirt and sweater to a pair of denim shorts. It worked perfectly with the skirt in our wardrobe, which had some grey stripes that were a bit of a contrast to the bright blue and white. With this ensemble, I wanted to keep things simple, so I kept my hair tied back with a chic hair clip. It was a very simple but chic look that went with everything.

This year we saw another superb cape blazer that incorporated a pair of denim shorts. This outfit was so smart and so subtle it could have been worn with an office suit and still created a stunning look. It was also perfect for a fun night out on the town and still left the legs and arms feeling comfortable. The photo via on this ensemble showed off just how incredibly flattering this style of cape blazer can be!

Last year’s black cape blazer was so popular and so flattering, it had to be featured in this article. This year looks feature a more elegant and sophisticated version of this iconic outfit. It is much more conservative than the one worn by previous models. It is also very feminine without being too bare for everyday use. The image via included was a sophisticated pin up girl in a mini skirt sporting a classic black cape blazer over a mini skirt that was worn with a pair of leggings and a nice little blouse.

This year’s image was done in a much sexier manner using a white mini skirt, a pair of high heeled black boots and a beautiful baby doll cap. The image incorporated a bit of color into the ensemble, which added to the overall sensuality. The jeans were worn straight across the hip while the jeans were folded back on themselves forming a V fashion that crisscrossed the waistline. The short mini skirt combined with the black cape blazer that was worn around the waist made a great combination.

In this photo via, there was only one accessory worn: the skinny jeans. The skirt that was folded back did not include the typical high waisted jeans seen in past versions. It was instead a pair of straight-legged boot cut jeans that covered the lower half of the woman’s midsection. These were then finished off with a black belt that was visible through the shirt that covered the V fashion.

The black cape blazer is a great choice for evening wear or a special event because it has so many versatile features. Whether you’re wearing it with a thin fitted or straight skirt, a simple sleeveless top, or a sleeveless dress, the combination of black and white colors will always be a crowd pleasing ensemble. With a simple change in the pair of black skinny jeans, a pair of white high heel shoes, and the right accessories, your basic black cape blazer outfit can easily transform into an elegant cocktail dress.

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