Complementing Suits With a Double Breasted Blazer

Complementing Suits With a Double Breasted Blazer

What to do with a double-breasted blazer? If you are wearing a double breasted blazer with just 2 buttons – that’s 2 buttons in every column – then you can get both buttons turned left, with the second button just to the left of the first. But, the standard buttoning rules for this blazer aren’t too strict and you could leave the other button unfastened as well. This leaves you free to experiment and you may decide to turn both the buttons on or just the left one.

A double breasted blazer is ideal for any sport coat. You can wear it with a turtleneck for a casual look, or in a v-neck style for a more fitted look. You can also wear it with an overcoat or even a trench coat for a formal look. The versatility is definitely there!

The best part about double breasted blazers is the styling options. With a single button (for the inside button), you get to choose whether you want the collar to extend to the middle of your chest or to just below it. For the outside buttons, you get to leave them turned – or unfastened, if you prefer. But if you have to wear a coat with a zipper (which would be a real rarity), then this is a great choice because you’ll get a double layer of insulation for your torso. This way, you’ll never feel cold again.

If you want a double-breasted blazer that’s a little more dressy, you can have the collar turned up, but leave the other two buttons undone. This creates a layered look that’s both smart casual and elegant. If you prefer a double-breasted blazer that’s a little more fitted, you may choose a style with the buttons turned down all the way to the elbows, creating a V-neck look.

Many men find that they like to wear these with pants. Whether it’s jeans or khakis, you will always look professional when you have this option. Of course, if you have a double-breasted blazer jacket in a contrasting color, it can add some really coolness to a pair of khakis or button-down pants. When coupled with a white shirt, white trousers, or a dark Oxford, you’ll be ready for a night on the town!

Many people also choose to wear a double-breasted suit along with a blazer, which allows them to switch out their outerwear easily. Because the buttons are at the top of the breastbone, you’ll want to stay away from jackets with a buttonhole at the neck. They tend to run a bit tighter at the top than they do at the bottom, creating an unflattering indentation where the jacket meets the pants. In contrast, a button-down sport coat will tend to fit better at the bottom because the buttons are closer to your body.

For women, the perfect outfit for a professional event is a double-breasted blazer with a double-breasted suit. These suits are often flattering to your figure, since they’re fitted and flattering. It’s hard to go wrong with this look! Try pairing your double breasted blazer with a flowing sheath skirt, a high-low hemline skirt, or even a pencil skirt.

The best part about wearing a double breasted suit with a blazer is that it looks just as professional as it feels. You don’t have to worry about your clothing choice or your accessories matching. Matching your suit with the blazer is everything, since they both match each other so well. When it comes to wearing these suits, it’s all about taking your time and making sure that you look your best. This look can be worn with almost any color, so you really can get away with wearing almost anything with these suits.

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