Cropped Blazer With Denim Jeans

Cropped Blazer With Denim Jeans

The cropped blazer is a staple in the outer fashion world for more than three decades now and isn’t going to stop losing popularity anytime soon. In fact, it still looks to be gaining popularity even though it’s been around since the mid 90’s. There are so many kinds of blazers: the big and bulky boyfriend blazers, motorcycle blazers, bomber and cargo jackets, etc. You can even wear them casually with jeans and a t-shirt if you want. Here are some tips to wear them with maximum style!

Fashion Blazer Jeans This kind of blazer looks great with any outfit – except those with pink bottoms! For this kind of outfit, we recommend a pair of skinny jeans as they go well with the layered look of a pink cropped blazer. If you do decide to wear pink skinny jeans, then make sure that you pair it with a white shirt. A white shirt with a simple pattern or design will be just perfect for the outfit.

Blue Skinny Jeans A great outfit for a date or simple stroll in the park. Just add your cute flats and your black skinny jeans. The cropped blazer can be accessorized with a simple blue skirt or a simple white shirt with a thin print. The blue skinny jeans make a great cover up because of how they hide all the bad areas of your outfit (i.e., your bottom and your big toes) perfectly!

Pink And White Shirt The outfit here are pretty simple: just get your white and pink shirt, pair it with a nice pair of heels and you’re good to go! It’s a really cute, girly, girly look. If you want to play it safe, then skip out on wearing heels and go with a nice, plain t-shirt. However, if you think you have the attitude to carry off a pink and white cropped blazer to the office, then go ahead and rock it.

Denim Shorts Another great style for summer is to wear your denim shorts with your blazer. If you don’t have a lot of space to mix and match, then just go with the same shade of pink and white. If you do have room to mix, though, then go ahead and add a little bling with your denim shorts. Just remember that the denim shorts should never be worn with a pink and white cropped blazer because it will be distracting.

Pale Pink And White Cropped Blazer This look is pretty easy to pull off. First, you need to purchase your pale pink crop top. Next, you’ll want to get some white or transparent stretchy pants. Keep in mind that the pants need to fit tightly, so you can show a great deal of skin. You’ll want to add a belt that has some bright polka dot fabric in it and you’ll be all set.

Cropped Blazer With Denim Jeans Just like the aforementioned style, this one doesn’t take a lot of thinking, planning, or time to pull off. All you need are dark washed jeans, preferably black or dark denim. Find a bright pink blazer in a decent size, but stay away from too small or too big a blazer. Fold up the inner portion of the blazer and lay it over your jeans. Slide the bottom edge of the blazer right under your waistline. If you want, you could also use a belt to further accentuate the shape of the blazer.

Remember, when wearing a cropped blazer with denim jeans, you have much more freedom when choosing what shoes to wear with your ensemble. A simple pair of boots or strappy sandals works great. If you’re dressing for work, you may prefer a good pair of dress shoes. If you’re going to be outside for long periods of time, you may want to choose something more casual. Whatever your choice, the possibilities are endless.

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