Dressing Up With A Denim Blazer

Dressing Up With A Denim Blazer

Denim blazers have always been known to project an image of strength, which is why they are always found amongst military men and police officers. They are the perfect blazers to wear for those cold days where your body should be exposed to the elements. A blazer is the perfect accessory to complete any wardrobe. Here we will introduce you to some of the must have blazers in a man’s wardrobe this season.

The first item we will discuss is the bomber cut denim blazer. It is the most popular style in town and is usually complemented with leather jackets or leather blazers. This particular cut is usually accompanied by dyed green, grey or black. This particular design has always represented an Americana style. Today you will still see many people wearing these blazers but they will most likely be teamed with leather jackets instead of denim ones.

The next style we will talk about is the two-piece denim blazer. As the name implies it can be worn two different ways; the front can be worn open or closed. The second piece can be worn over the denim jacket or underneath. The two-piece blazer is usually complemented with a dark colored belt. The two-piece blazer is definitely a man’s bestseller and is probably the most versatile of all the blazers discussed here.

Then we have the classic trench coat. Men have fallen in love with the look and feel of this style. It can be made from a number of different materials but typically includes denim, quilted cotton and a polyester outer material. The classic trench coat look makes it perfect to wear for a lot of different occasions. You could go to the workplace, out on the town or even to the beach. You should avoid going to casual places with this style because you will look like you are dressed to kill.

The last style we are going to discuss is the washed denim blazer. This is a popular choice for men who want to be comfortable as well as sophisticated at the same time. It is made by simply washing denim and then pressing it into various shapes and designs. You should keep in mind that the style is meant to be worn casual so don’t make it a dressy occasion. These are great with a pair of jeans or khakis or even with a button down shirt and a tweed sportcoat.

Now that you know a little bit more about the different styles out there it time to actually choose a denim blazer that you will feel comfortable wearing. There are a few things to keep in mind when picking out a denim blazer. The first thing you should decide is if you would like a more fitted look, or if you would like one that is looser. Also, if you plan on wearing it outside light windy weather you want something that is made of lighter material.

Also if you are going to be outside a lot, you might consider buying a fabric one that is made of wool or cotton. Wool is probably the best one to buy for all seasons but if you only wear it once or twice a year you can probably get by with just cotton. Cotton is a great summer material and looks great with any type of denim.

Hopefully this article has given you some information on some great denim blazers that you can wear to keep warm during the colder months of fall and winter. We have done a good job choosing which styles and brands you should go for this year. We hope these denim blazer mens jackets guide helped you!

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