Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know

The Sylvester Blazer has become one of the most popular jackets in the UK as well as around the world. The Blazer originally started life as a cotton jacket, however it was soon made using a material called “Smythe” which gave the jacket its name. Smythe Blazer has become synonymous with the Grenadiers jacket which has been worn by members of the British Grenadier Regiment. The jacket gained its name from its origins which lie in the army.

The British Grenadiers were primarily composed of regiments of soldiers who fought during World War I. In 1920 the regiment formed the first ever National Army Blazer unit, this unit is still operational today. From these humble beginnings arose the most iconic blazer that could be worn by any member of the armed forces. The Sylvester Blazer gained popularity across the UK and beyond as more soldiers from all walks of life flocked to wear them. From the common man to the officer to the soldier, they all wore these blazers as a symbol of pride and camaraderie.

The uniform of the unit was originally a military green outfit. In later years it was revised to include other colors and patterns, however, the original colors remained and are still seen to this day. The jacket is styled long and lean with the waist being slightly rolled up in order to keep the weight of the blazer low on the body. It has an open collar but there are also single ring zippers that allow for the ease of changing the collar.

The coat has three-quarter length sleeves with the front having a collar, the inside of the blazer is completely lined in black leather. A steel clip attaches the coat to the blazer’s belt. The waistband of the blazer extends to just below the waist with the steel zipper running from top to bottom. On either side of the belt there is a buckle which fastens the coat to the wearer.

The sleeves of the Smythe Blazer are black on both sides with elasticized cuffs at the wrist and cuff links on the outside of each cuff. There are two rows of buttons, which line the inside of the jacket from the collar to the shoulder. The inside of the sleeves is lined with fabric. The jacket is machine washable and can be worn multiple times without fading.

The Smythe Blazer is one of the best quality coats that are made today. It has a nylon lining and D rings at the wrists. It is also a durable and easy-care material. It can be worn by men of all ages and all walks of life. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns, styles and sizes and comes at a very affordable price. This article should help you make an informed decision and help you choose which jacket is best for you.

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