How To Choose A Houndstooth Blazer

How To Choose A Houndstooth Blazer?

A Houndstooth Blazer is a great way to dress up your monogram. It is an item that will have meaning to you as well as your recipients for many years to come. This is one blazer that has been rated top to bottom by both women and men. You can find a Houndstooth Blazer at many of your favorite retailers such as J. Crew, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and many more. They are perfect for weddings, baby showers, corporate events, and even for that perfect date.

The Houndstooth Blazer is made with high quality materials such as Genuine Nylon, Spectra, and worsted wool. The fabric is made from a blend of different textiles giving the jacket a very nice hand made look. The Nylon lining gives you the flexibility you need in a jacket. It is light weight and has many little pockets to hold your small items and accessorize your look. The material has been treated with moisture resistant properties so it is very durable and will not get wrinkled like other jackets. The jacket is also lined with a lining in the front that can be removed if you choose to for a personalized look.

The chest pocket of the jacket has several different attachments and zippered pockets are located on either side. This will allow you to store almost any accessory including keys, cell phone, pens, money, or any other items you would like to bring along. The front flap of the jacket can be opened and used as an additional mirror. This is a big plus for the woman who needs quick access to their makeup or other items that need to be seen. The collar of this jacket is very handy as well with several removable features such as a magnetic closure and a snap button flap.

The jacket comes in black and brown colors and there are many colors that can be chosen that coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. They are made in different sizes to fit most of your body. This means if you have a petite frame you do not have to worry that the jacket is too tight on you. The styles are available in stripes or solid colors to match any occasion. If you want to wear this jacket to a formal event the black stripe version is the way to go.

These blazers come in handy for just about any occasion. There are men and women versions. There are also different lengths available. You can get the short blazer, long blazer, trench, or a reversible blazer. If you are not sure what length will work best for you then try a blazer that is three quarter sleeves or shorter. Men usually wear long blazers but women can wear short ones as well.

A Houndstooth blazer should be worn with the same type of clothing that you are wearing to accent your ensemble. For instance you will not want to wear a sweater to the office with your blazer on because it will make your outfit look frumpy. Your jacket should match the pants that you are wearing or the shirt that you have on. Do not mix and match different items because it will look awkward. Your best option is to choose an outfit that will go well together.

The blazer should reach your mid-chest area. You do not want to crowd it because it will look odd. The material that it is made from should also match the rest of your clothes. The leather will give you a little more of a professional look but you should keep the rest of your ensemble simple. You should not wear a lot of pleats because they are not considered classy. You can add some pleats by having a thin line of them showing off your abs.

The pants that you wear with your blazer should fit snugly because they will go along with each other. If they do not then you will be defeating the purpose of wearing the jacket. The belt should be worn high on your waist so that the jacket does not create an extension around your waist. Remember that a professional look is created by wearing items that match and enhance each other.

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