How to Choose Your Blazer For Men

How to Choose Your Blazer For Men?

When we say casual blazer for men, it means that they don’t have to spend much time in the closet to pull out a chic blazer. Blazer is known to be a classic menswear item for several decades now. Here are some important tips in buying a blazer for men that will make you look really good in your outerwear.

Slim Fit Blazer For Men: For this season to come, slim fit blazers are the best choice. This is simply because it perfectly matches with the latest in fashion. It’s extremely popular with young guys who want to be trendy. The best thing about this blazer is that its slim fit makes you easy to carry anywhere. Also, there are numerous factors to nail down a perfect casual blazer such as pattern, color, style, and fit.

Proper Fit Blazer For Men: It is essential that you pay attention to the fit of your blazers. The fit determines how slim or snug the outfit looks on you. This is important in creating a proper balance on your body structure. If you want to look great in your outfit, then you can’t have a blazer that doesn’t perfectly fit on your body frame. Some of the most popular and widely used blazers for men include: single-breasted blazers, double-breasted blazers, tailored blazers, and guayabera blazers among others.

Choose Proper Clothing Size: One of the major problems when wearing a blazer is that it doesn’t fit right. There are two ways on how you can remedy this problem. One is by having the blazer customized according to your own size and measurements. Second is by buying a bigger size than what you usually wear so you will look and feel the best in your blazer. If you are on the lookout for plus sized blazers, you may want to check out some of the top brands like: Urban Wear, Jean Shop, Ed Hardy, Armani Exchange, and Diesel and have them customized according to your own size and measurements.

The Right Clothing Type: For every season, there’s a different blazer type. If you’re planning on a casual look, a blazer with a casual print is ideal. Likewise, if you’re planning on a dressy look, then opt for the blazers with patterned designs and textures. A blazer for men should never be without a lining or removable lining. This is because it gives you extra protection from dirt and helps the fabrics cling onto your body to provide you with a smooth, comfortable, and polished look.

The Right Material: The most common material used for blazers is cotton, but these days you’ll also see men wearing twill, silk, cashmere, or even suede-like materials. These fabrics provide you with a lightweight feel that goes well with both formal and casual look. Keep in mind that when choosing the right fabric for your blazer for men, it should never be cold or should be made of material that easily gets stains. There are lots of great fabric choices for you to choose from.

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