How To Turn Your White Collared Shirt Into A Cool Purple Blazer In No Time

How To Turn Your White Collared Shirt Into A Cool Purple Blazer In No Time?

The purple blazer is a classic. This is because it exudes sophistication and class. As with the classic khaki or other work wear, you will always find a need for a blazer in every fashionable outfit. This article will discuss about the right blazer to complement your work attire. In this way, you will be able to find the right blazer that will make you look dashing and professional.

The first thing that you should consider when buying a blazer is its fit. Purple blazers are available in sleeve lengths ranging from the short to the long sleeves. You should choose the best length that will complement the top of your outfit. A purple blazer with a short sleeve is ideal for a formal event while a long sleeve blazer is suitable for informal events such as office functions. If you are planning to buy a purple blazer with a white polka dot pattern, you can combine it with a white shirt to create a layered look that will make you look elegant.

Next, you should consider the fabric that will match your purple blazer. For a casual outfit, you can pair your pants with a cotton t-shirt and your shoes with a nice pair of pumps. For your office outfit, you can choose a pair of jeans with a blouse over it and some stilettos. For formal event, you can put on a black or gray pants along with a jacket or shawl. For evening event, you can opt for a skirt or dress pants.

To complete your purple blazer ensemble, you should consider your accessories. For your office look, you can pair your shirt with your pants and your shoes with your stilettos. For your informal event, you can use simple ankle boots and skinny jeans. You can also match your purple blazer with a white polka dot shirt and a bow accessory.

Before buying an outfit, you have to make sure that your purple blazer and your shoes go well with each other. If you are going to pair your shirt with your pants, you should choose a solid colored shirt so as to create balance on your outfit. Pair your shirt with white or gray leather pants; do not wear red leather pants. You should wear a button down shirt so that your shirt will stay in place all throughout your work period. You can pair your blazer with black leather pants, but you should consider wearing white or gray leather dress shoes with them. You should also avoid wearing pink leather pants with black dress shoes.

If you are going to buy an outfit to go with your purple blazer, you should consider your accessories. You should wear a neutral colored clutch so that your outfit will be complete. If you want to add a little pizzazz to your outfit, you can wear a belt with your white collar shirt. On the other hand, if you are going for a simple and elegant look, you can simply pair your outfit with your white collar shirt and black leather pants. This is among the easiest ways to turn a simple white shirt into a trendy look.

When you pair your purple blazer with dark blue jeans, you will come up with an interesting outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd. You should consider wearing a pair of white cotton cuffed jeans, as they will make you look slimmer. You should also consider wearing a plaid shirt and a dark blue sweater because they will ensure that you stay warm during cold days.

When looking to buy a purple blazer, it would be wise if you consider what accessories you will be wearing along with it. For instance, if you are going to buy a black blazer, you should always consider buying a matching pair of black polka dot pants. However, this combination will not work well if you do not pair it well with your black polka dot vest. You can also mix and match your outfit with a wide variety of accessories including belts, shoes, gloves, scarves, and even a handbag.

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