How to Update Your Double Breasted Suit

How to Update Your Double Breasted Suit?

A double breasted blazer is a must-have for any woman’s closet, add a third layer to your basic black dress, update your wardrobe to an organized professional, or add a touch of sophistication to those all too casual outfits. The double-breasted blazer is the perfect choice for any girl, as it is a universally flattering, timeless cut that would practically complement just about any ensemble you put together. Womens blazers come in a wide variety of designs, colors and fabrics. Whether your favorite is silk or brushed cotton, you can be sure to find womens blazer that is specifically tailored to flatter your figure and accent your facial features. Womens blazers come in many different sleeve lengths, necklines and fits and should be complimenting everything from your evening gown to your weekend jeans.

The best kinds of women’s blazers are sold with a coordinating pants or skirt. They are designed to add interest and flair to an outfit by providing contrast or structure to the basic garment. For instance, a black and brown double breasted blazer worn with a tweed skirt or a skirt with a patterned waistband is a sleek and sophisticated look that draws compliments from all who see it. Likewise, a shirt studded with crystals, a small leather briefcase, or a pair of skinny jeans all make great finishing touches to an ensemble. These same items may be sold separately, but if you want to add them only to an outfit and not worry about them being confused with other items, they are often sold together as part of a coordinated set.

The best way to wear a double-breasted blazer to add interest and balance to an outfit is to ensure that both the jacket and pants are in the same color. While solid colors have no real function, a patterned jacket looks especially elegant when paired with a solid colored shirt or top. Matching ties and shoes is also another useful way to make the outfit complete. If you have access to solid colors like black or navy, it is possible to use these in the form of a contrasting color like fuchsia or pink. Pink ties in a navy blue or fuchsia shirt is feminine and sophisticated.

If you cannot find a coordinating piece to go along with your outfit, you can always find a good use for a double-breasted blazer. This is because this style of blazer looks appropriate with a variety of everyday clothing items. A cotton or linen shirt can be layered over a maxi dress or cardigan, giving you an instant stylish update. A fitted maxi dress, worn with a blazer in a contrasting color can give you the perfect weekend outfit.

You can also update your look by adding accessories to your wardrobe. For a modern day appearance, a simple, square black or brown leather belt is always welcome, whether you choose a black gandy, or a dark brown cuffed double-breasted blazer. Other accessories that you could add to your already existing ensemble include ankle boots, studs, or buckles, and some brands sell wraps or shawls to match. A clutch is also a wise investment. When buying a clutch, you should try to buy one that is in neutral colors like black or brown so that it will not clash with your outerwear.

Finally, remember to accessorize your double breasted suit with quality cuff links. A quality printed cuff link will always look nice with any blazer, especially if the colors are close to each other. The same is true when choosing clip on earrings. Keep in mind that the color of your jewelry may alter the look of your outfit, so keep this in mind when choosing your accessories. And of course, don’t forget that you can never go wrong with a good wool sweater and jacket to complete your entire outfit.

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