How to Wear a Blue Blazer Correctly

How to Wear a Blue Blazer Correctly?

A blue blazer is the perfect garment to dress up any type of casual wear. Blue is one of the colors that can be worn year round. You can use blue blazers to transition from winter to spring, from fall to sunny days, or just to dress up an everyday outfit. This color can be versatile because blue is used in so many different ways. A blue blazer looks great with formal dresses and casual clothing alike. If you want to know how to put on a blue blazer, follow these steps.

The most important thing to remember about how to wear a blue blazer is to be comfortable. Whether you’re wearing it to work or to play sports, the fit needs to be just right. Slim fit trousers and jeans are perfect for wearing a blue blazer. However, you shouldn’t wear blue jeans or trousers with a blazer as they tend to make the coat look too square. For trousers, you can always wear slim fit trousers, but you should avoid blue jeans because they’ll make the jacket look too square.

Another nice option for dressing up your blue blazer is to layer it over a pair of pants. A classic combination would be a pair of dark wash jeans, a button down shirt, a pair of Oxford boots, and a thin sweater. This combination can be worn with virtually anything so you have endless options for adding accessories. One thing to keep in mind with this combination is that you should always try to choose solid colors so that you don’t have any problem matching your jacket to your pants.

If you’re trying to figure out how to wear a blue blazer, the first thing you need to do is find a pair of solid colored pants to wear along with your blue blazer. It’s really important that you stay away from darker colors like black or gray as they’ll only make your jacket stand out more. You can also wear dark washed jeans instead of the gray flannels, but try to avoid the jeans with pockets. The reason why you want to avoid those pockets is because it will only cause your jacket to stand out even more, and you don’t want to do that! Instead, you can wear light-washed pants, especially if you are wearing a vest.

Now that you have a good solid color pair of jeans to wear along with your blue blazer combination, you can add a simple tie to complete the look. You’ll want to choose a really simple tie that matches the pants you’re wearing. A basic silk tie works well, but you can also wear a plain colored necktie if you prefer. If you’re choosing a tie to wear with your casual outfit, it’s a good idea to select a tie that isn’t really loud. If you want to wear your tie to a formal event, then you can pick a stronger colored tie so that it will stand out. Choose a tie that is a solid color so that it doesn’t overpower the other items in your outfit.

The blue blazer can be one of the most versatile outfits in a woman’s wardrobe. Because it can match so many different colors, you can easily turn a blue top into blue pants, blue blouse into a blue jacket, or a blue pants into a blue shirt, for example. You can even wear it with a white shirt for a more dressy look! If you keep all of these tips in mind when working on your outfit, you should be able to pull off this great blue combination anytime.

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