How to Wear a Yellow Blazer

How to Wear a Yellow Blazer?

After years of false promises that a quality yellow blazer was the only way to go for sophisticated dressing, the last thing a man needed was another boring outfit that would take a tremendous amount of time to put together. But, a lot of fashion magazines have done a disservice to men by promoting the use of red blazers to complement a suit or a dress. While red blazers are nice in a pinch, it is better to stick with a classic black blazer that will add a touch of class to any man’s wardrobe.

A number of men wear a yellow blazer as an extra layer to a suit when they are going to a special occasion. This type of blazer is extremely popular among men with longer torsos and short sleeves. For those men who work out, a nice cut and crisp white shirt are probably the only uniform that fits properly. In order to accentuate the right sleeve, men should consider switching to a white colored shirt when wearing a suit for a special occasion.

If you are in the market for a new short-sleeved blazer, here are a few tips to help you find one that will match your look. First, look at the fit of the blazer. The length of the shirt should not be too loose or too tight so as to appear baggy. If it is loose, you can pull it up to one shoulder and for the same shirt, you can pin it up at the neckline.

If the shirt is too big, opt for a pin-front instead. A flat-front is usually better because it offers more control and shows off the flatter chest line. To make the shirt appear more fitted, tie the end of the tie to the front of the blazer.

When you are choosing a top to wear underneath a more traditional, conservative color like yellow blazer, avoid the tendency to get too cosy by pairing a shirt with a heavier, houndstooth pattern. This is not the most flattering look and will hide any imperfections that you do not want to show.

If you have a short, toned torso, consider wearing a pin-front yellow blazer. This can be a fun way to make a statement by showing off your collarbones. Remember to bring some accessories along when wearing a pin-front blazer because wearing it to a formal event is going to draw a lot of attention and the eyes will automatically focus on your collarbones.

Dapper men need a bit of guidance in order to keep their clothes on the cutting edge of fashion. These tips should help men create wardrobe staples that will always be in style.

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