How to Wear an Old Navy Blazer

How to Wear an Old Navy Blazer?

Old Navy Blazer is a great men’s casual wear that is both comfortable and trendy. The label started in 1940 and has been one of the most popular clothing lines for men ever since. Although you may not be able to exactly identify it from other brands, this article will help you identify what the blazer allures to men who want to wear them. Here are some quick tips on how to buy an Old Navy Blazer:

o The key thing to understand about Old Navy blazers is that it is definitely a classic. This is not a brand that has just appeared recently or has been popular only over the last few years. This classic blazer can be seen worn by celebrities, athletes, military personnel, and even by men who are just everyday people. Just like any piece of clothing, it can be worn in different situations and will continue to evolve with time.

o A blazer can look good with a pair of jeans, khakis, dress trousers, or even with a t-shirt and a hoodie. Yes, a blazer can be worn casually and without a lot of extra flare. It is definitely not a brand for those who are into wearing a lot of or accessories. However, if you do have some flair to add to your wardrobe, Old Navy Blazer is a great place to start adding pieces. You can even choose to wear their jackets and cardigans paired with a pair of slacks.

o It is important to understand how to care for this piece of clothing. Old Navy Blazer is made of cotton, so it will tend to take some getting used to. The fabric should also be ironed properly to avoid ironing marks and fading. It is best to hand wash them with cold water and a gentle detergent. For heavy stains or if you want to preserve the integrity of the material, you can place it in the washing machine on a low cycle. This can usually be done in the delicates setting.

o It is also wise to purchase a few extra pairs of blazers. Once you buy this blazer, it is hard to go back. It will be with you for many seasons. Therefore, you will want to have at least two pairs around the house in different colors.

There are many ways to wear an old navy blazer. They are great for dress and casual, work wear and even for the weekends when you just want to get out and do something. Worn properly, they can look classic or even trendier depending on how you pair them with different items of clothing. You will find that it goes well with almost everything, which makes it an easy way to jazz up your wardrobe!

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