Important Things to Consider When Buying a Blazer Coat

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Blazer Coat?

A blazer coat is a kind of long jacket resembling a tailored jacket, but more loosely cut. A blazer generally is distinguished from a sport jacket as an officially tailored garment and often tailored in solid color fabrics. Blazers also often have double-sided metal buttons for ornamental appearances as well as to show their historical roots as coats worn by pirate crew members. They are usually accompanied with a pair of trousers or leggings. Blazers were originally made in navy blue, khaki or black and many were created to accommodate different activities including dancing, martial arts and golf, among others.

In the past blazers were mainly employed by men. Nowadays, blazers are suitable for women, who can wear them casually and without self-consciousness. Women have several options when it comes to blazers. While some choose to wear them under a jacket, there are others who prefer to wear them over a blazer with trousers. Still others prefer a simple blazer with no accessories whatsoever.

There are two types of blazers: A tailored blazer and an untrimmed blazer. The former is usually made from fine wool and often features buttonholes, double rows of stitching and decorative motifs; they are appropriate for smart business women while the latter are ideal for casual wear. Tailored blazers are usually crafted from a blend of cotton and polyester, and feature front buttons, usually of plain brass or steel to complement the outer fabric. They are then finished off with pleated cuffs and a collar that have one or several buttons. Many modern blazers feature complex folds and pockets to conceal their structure and details.

When shopping for blazers, it is advisable to choose one that is not too heavy or too lightweight. Heavy weight jackets can be worn during the cold months while lightweight blazers can be worn during the hot summer months. It is also important to consider the season that one is wearing his or her coat; in case of the fall and winter seasons, heavy weight jackets should be avoided as these are more suitable for warmer seasons.

Apart from function, the style and design of the blazer play an important role in deciding its price. Modern blazers are available at different price ranges. The best quality blazers are made from high quality materials such as cashmere, silk, cashmere mohair, fleece, leather and even acrylic. Cashmere is considered the most expensive type of wool, as it is the most soft and insulating material available today. It is also durable and offers exceptional comfort.

Cotton blend is also gaining popularity since it offers a unique combination of qualities that makes it comfortable and affordable. It is also ideal for men, women, and children. Cashmere blazers are often sported by athletes and swimmers, while fleece blazers are also widely used by fashionistas and celebrities. Some of these coats are made from cashmere but are coated with nylon to make them waterproof and durable. Nylon coated blazers are also available.

A good fitting blazer should not move up one’s body when worn. It should fit snugly without showing off the bulge. This is very important when wearing it over a t-shirt or sweater. It is also important to check that the pockets of these blazers are not too small for a certain item to be placed inside them. Otherwise, one would feel uncomfortable having bulky bags with objects inside them.

For women, it is important to look for styles that can conceal the bulge. Designs that come with empire waistlines are ideal. These styles show off the slimming effect without bringing attention to the belly area. Empire waistlines come in different styles and cuts so there will surely be one that will suit your tastes.

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