Light Blue Blazer, Shoppers Best Friend

Light Blue Blazer, Shoppers Best Friend

The tie is an important accessory of a suit and in fact should be one of the first accessories that you put on. A great cut of hair would go nicely with a suit but what if you do not have a great cut? This is where a nice light blue blazer will help you! You can also wear around a light blue blazer over a grey or brown suit. These are just some neutral colors that go well with virtually any other color of blue suit (as you no doubt already noted the color of your blazer.)

Now for shoes you can either go for brown or tan colored shoes. For your pants go for dark or navy colored pants. This is another ROUND the waist line rule. If you are wearing a light blue blazer and you match your pants with your shoes or vice versa then this looks okay. Just remember to look professional. Remember you don’t need to over do it with the color of your shoes.

If you would like to pull off a blue top with a light blue blazer then this is a good outfit for the office. You can even go with a white shirt that has blue accents on it. It is important to make sure that your shirt and blazer match because otherwise this combination looks very casual. You could also go with a white shirt with a light blue blazer but make sure that the white shirt has white buttons.

There are also some occasions when a light blue blazer can work if you just need something to wear casually. For instance, if you are going on a night out and you have on a nice t-suit then a blazer might not be appropriate. But, don’t worry because there are other options to this particular outfit. One thing you can do is to find a pair of dress shoes. These can be black or white but anything in a light blue shade will do. Then you can take off the dress shoes and put them on underneath the jacket.

Another way that you can pull off some great look leaner outfit ideas with this color is to wear light blue blazers paired with a pin stripe shirt. You will look like you just came off the runway. Again, you want to keep the outfit simple and not too fancy. For this particular outfit you might consider a plaid skirt and plain white shirt. You can also choose to wear white pants with the blazers instead of a skirt.

Another way to pull off a great looking outfit with a light blue blazer is to wear a long white shirt with the blazers worn over one cuffed skinny jeans. This is an easy style to pull off because you don’t need any accessories. The long white shirt will give the overall outfit a much better shape than if you were to wear some baggy white pants. To complete this look you will want to throw in some red accessories. Things like a red cord bracelet and a red hat will really make this outfit pop.

If you are heading out to a club and want to pair this with light blue heels then you will want to pair your shoes with your outfit. Remember to choose something that goes well with the skinny jeans as well as the blazers. Something that will go well with the shirt will also work great with the skinny jeans. For instance, a brown leather boots paired with the outfit will be a wise choice.

If you are heading out for the night then you may want to consider pairing your light blue blazer with a dark pair of jeans or even a skirt. This can really make for a smashing look which will help you to stand out in a good way. Just remember to choose some accessories that go with this outfit to complete the look. Things like a belt, some red jewelry and even a red purse will all be great choices for finishing off your look.

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