Look Fashionable With an Elbow Patch Blazer

Look Fashionable With an Elbow Patch Blazer

An easy way to create balance for an ensemble is with an elegant elbow patch blazer. Worn under a coat, the warm Terry fabric hugs the body to give a casual but stylish touch. The double breasted, cuffs and front patch pockets add an unexpected touch of dressy casual comfort. Great for everyday wear or to turn an outfit from casual to dressy, this versatile blazer is ideal for all seasons. Made in U.S. colors only, it is machine washable.

A practical and functional jacket perfect for any urban environment, this double-breasted trench coat has been modernized to include a front Y-shaped pocket and a functional zipper up the side. Super soft, thin French Terry fabric offset contrast by dark denim lining and a slightly pointed collar. Fitted mid-length style. Model is 7′ tall, size medium, and is half sleeve. The fitted model is only hemmed at the top of the arm. Model is size 14, size X-small.

This tailored, casual and elegant jacket is perfect for any day. The front zippered pocket and dark stitching create a modern look. The jacket is made in navy with occasional green accents. Model is size M/L.

Made in dark chocolate cotton and manufactured by American Eagle, this blazer has a short collar and a slightly rounded, buttoned flap. It has a front panel that features a graphic tee print. The front is unzipped. Model is a size medium.

A classic blazer with a dark brown stripe, this double-breasted trench coat is made in 100% cotton, and features buttons down the front. It has some contrast piping details and a flower-styled zipper. It is also double-lined. Model is a size large.

This jacket is one of those great finds – a great looking casual jacket in black leather. The black leather upper appears to have been worn daily in the winter, but the genuine leather beneath shows that it has not been through the labours of the mill. The genuine leather collar is shiny and is stitched with a single line. The jacket is very slimming and is available in sizes small through to X-large.

Another good, inexpensive jacket that will do the job when you need a slim-cut look in a dark shade is the Cowl Shirt Blazer. The black and white tartan blazer lends it an airy look. The tartan at the sleeves gives it the casual look. The jacket is made in gray with subtle pinstripes on the arms. Model is a size medium.

This fun blazer is perfect for any type of occasion. The classic black and white look can be sported anytime and anywhere. The Cowl Shirt Blazer will look good with a long sleeved shirt and with a pair of slacks. Model is a size large.

The Elbow Patch Blazer is an excellent choice for a casual look. The black and white blazer lends it a sporty look. Elbow patches can be very stylish when worn with jeans. The jacket is available in sizes small through to X-large. When choosing the style, make sure that the pockets are not too big or too small.

An athletic looking black and white blazer in the lining with the collar folded down will do the job when you need a jacket that will look crisp and professional. Elbow-length jackets offer plenty of room for accessories and are flattering on every frame. Model is a size M. This jacket style is perfect for winter wear. When choosing this jacket, make sure it is the right length. Elbow-length jackets offer the best versatility for any occasion.

When buying at a local retail store, model your jacket and ask the salesperson that length would be perfect for you. The perfect length for an athletic look is usually somewhere between your elbow and your shoulder. Choose the style that best complements your body type. You can go with the button front or zipped up. Zipped up styles allow you to be dressed up or dressed down.

The Elbow Patch Blazer is perfect for any type of event and in any season. The black and white color will give you a professional look. The blazer can be worn with jeans during the day and a dressier look at night. Remember, the perfect fit is everything.

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