Oversized Plaid Blazer - A Fashion Staple

Oversized Plaid Blazer – A Fashion Staple

A plaid blazer really can double as an extremely fashionable top even when you just button it up! If the blazer itself is too big, however, it will not look good on you. Be certain that the blazer itself is only a touch oversized, and the pants are snug and thin around the ankle to compensate for uneven proportions.

Pair a large plaid blazer with dark wash pants or denim skinny jeans. These will help to create a warm look that is not overdone. If you wear a shirt with a very large print, make sure you wear the skinny jeans instead of the larger dress to create a slightly off-center look that is not busy but not too casual either.

A plaid blazer worn with a solid neutral color such as a white or black can carry on any outfit. The material of choice is not as important as the shape of the outfit and what accessories are added to the ensemble. For example, if you have shoes, you can always remove your shoes to create an open look. If you wear a white shirt with a solid neutral colored cardigan, you can wear the plaid blazer with just that cardigan and a pair of faded jeans. Pair this with a plaid bag, a silver bracelet, and your glasses, and you have an outfit that is both classic and versatile.

If you do not want to wear your dress, but still want to create an outfit that is sophisticated, try wearing an oversized solid color dress and adding accessories. For example, you could add a feathered charm bracelet, a turquoise choker, a beaded necklace, and a pink bead chain. All of these items will coordinate well with any plaid blazer you choose.

If you want to add some chic flair to an outfit, you could find a great plaid blazer in a light blue shade to go with a black or gray top. pairing the cardigan with a cropped sweater or a v-neck sweater over the Ottoman will create a classic layering outfit. Wear it with a dark wash jeans and some black pumps for a cool and laid back look. You could also mix and match the top and bottom part of the outfit to create a layered look that is both classy and laid back.

Plaid blazers have been popular for decades and they never go out of style. If you are looking for a classic style that will never go out of style, opt for an oversized plaid blazer. This versatile and classic piece will add some unexpected flare to your winter wardrobe and you can pair it with just about any winter wardrobe from casual to formal.

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