Oversized Plaid Blazer Perfect For Summer Weather

Oversized Plaid Blazer Perfect For Summer Weather

A plaid blazer could easily double as an awesomely stylish top if you buttoned it right up! Just make sure that the blazer itself is only a bit too oversized for everyday use, and that the pants are skinny, thin and slightly flared at the calf to balance proportions. Wear your plaid top with your trusty jean leggings, and voila! Your perfect autumn look is done. Or maybe even dress up with a pair of gorgeous autumn colored earrings and a nice handbag. Fall colors for jewelry are already here!

This classic style is versatile, easy to wear, and extremely warm and flattering on every figure. You’ll love how easily this classic looks put together, and how easy it is to accessorize with a few great accessories. One terrific way to wear a plaid blazer without being too warm is to pair it with a white or gray sweater, with a matching cardigan to round out the look. Choose a sweater that’s a bit bigger than your torso so it doesn’t take all the attention away from your neckline and shoulders, and don’t forget your shoes! For something very unique and elegant, try wearing a thick knit cardigan over a plaid blazer over a white or black top, and finish it off with an elegant pair of chunky boots. It’s a fresh, casual twist on the old-school trench coat, and it’s so much fun to wear!

Pair a plaid blazer with a nice woolen or cashmere sweater for a fantastic all-around winter outfit, complete with a pair of brightly colored tights and a pretty scarf to round off the ensemble. If you want to dress it up or dress it down, change the color of the sweater to something a bit darker, like a chocolate brown, and switch the cardigan to a lighter neutral color like a cream. This would be a good look if you’re going somewhere warm for the holidays, or even to a neutral color like beige or pale green for spring or summer. You could also change the scarf to match, but a plain scarf in a fun pattern is always welcome with this outfit.

If you have a bit of extra height in your legs, or if you just want to add an extra flair to an already great ensemble, you can pull off the oversized plaid blazer. You can dress it down with a sweater and jeans, or you can pull it up with a cute oversized tee and skinny jeans. The key is to keep things simple, but the style is so flattering that you’ll be sure to get plenty of attention! Wear an oversized tee with your plaid blazer tucked into a pair of skinny jeans. Don’t worry about a jacket because you won’t be getting a hard time finding one to match. Just add accessories to your look to give you the perfect look!

The key to wearing this look with comfort and confidence is to have a pair of stylish jeans and an oversized plaid blazer in your wardrobe. You can easily wear these jeans to work, college, and just hanging out with friends. You can feel like royalty for the day by having these items in your wardrobe. You can also use them anytime you feel like being glamorous and dressed up. You can be a fashionista just like Paris Hilton with these clothes and accessories in your closet. You can feel like a million bucks when you have these items in your closet.

Another great thing about the oversized plaid blazer is that you can wear it with almost anything. You don’t need a skirt or a dress for a lot of the year; you can simply use a tee and booties. You can pull off the classic tee with jeans and a tee shirt, but you can also wear a long jacket with jeans over the plaid sweater. You can always pull off the bootie with a skirt or a dress, but not for a lot of time. It will still look amazing and you can make any outfit look elegant at any time.

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