Slim Fit Black Pants, Jackets, and Velvet Blazers For Women

Slim Fit Black Pants, Jackets, and Velvet Blazers For Women

A woman can easily style a simple velvet blazer with anything in her existing wardrobe. The richness, luxurious feel of velvet really adds sophisticated, fashionable style to just about any outfit – office wear, cocktail and even street fashion. But for the ultimate in rich style, there are no other fabrics that create such a striking impact and such an impact that ends up stealing the show. When you dress in velvet, you never fail to stand out, manage to steal the limelight and make an impression that no other material can make.

A black velvet blazer is always a safe bet. It never fails to bring out the best in every outfit and completes any look effortlessly. But not just black! Other colours such as burgundy, navy, plum and even pink work equally well and are much better suited to a range of occasions than black velvet. A little black dress is always appropriate with a blazer and it’s also a very smart choice for a casual day out or an evening on the town.

A delicate blazer in a chocolate colour like chocolate brown always looks sophisticated and classy. A white shirt worn with a chunky chocolate coloured top is always attractive. A pair of cool jeans in the same shade as the top also goes down well. A soft white bow tie also completes the look, and it’s always a good idea to wear a cardigan underneath.

If you’re going out to a formal function or some social event, avoid wearing velvet blazers with skinny jeans. These particular jeans are so low-rise, they will cramp your shoulders. You want to wear a pair of straight leg pants or some flared jeans instead. The extra fabric around the waistline of the skinny jeans can get trapped in the roll up cuffs of the formal trousers and ruin the whole outfit.

Another great effect to add to a basic black velvet blazer outfit is a little bling-bling. This doesn’t have to be too much either. A small rhinestone button down necklace looks great with the outfit. Or you could wear some tiny crystal jewelry with the shoes. Rhinestones really tie the whole outfit together. White pearl earrings or some simple gold studs on your ears are all accessories that go great with black velvet blazers.

One other thing that people don’t think to put together when wearing a black velvet blazer and jeans combo is a belt. However, it does add a lot to the outfit. You can wear a simple leather belt with the outfit if you don’t want to wear any accessories. But for something more interesting, you could consider wearing a thin waist belt. It ties the outfit together nicely.

The key to a really nice combination is having the accessories perfectly matched. For example, don’t wear a red blouse with a black velvet blazer and jeans. Or, don’t wear a white shirt with a gray skirt and you’ll still look great. Match those accessories up so they match each other, even though they may be slightly off in color (especially if the outfit has a lot of red in it). That way your outfit looks complete.

The key to really finishing off a great look with a pair of slim fit, black pants, a black jacket, and a red velvet blazer is to make sure that they are all in the same tone. If they aren’t, it’ll just ruin the whole look. If you’re wearing a dark red jacket with a light blue pair of jeans, you’ll look like a Christmas tree!

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