Sports Coats and Jeans - How to Transition From a Dress to a Casual Look

Sports Coats and Jeans – How to Transition From a Dress to a Casual Look?

Wearing a sports coat and jeans combination is quite a controversial move; its doubly true that it has recently been coined the company mullet. And even if it s done right, the appearance can always come off really wrong. I have always worn a sports coat and jeans combination and I can say from experience that there is definitely some risk involved. When you pair it off with a sports jean, for example, the coat can really make the jean look cheap and unprofessional. In this article I will quickly explain what I mean.

So let us begin with why you would wear a sports coat and jeans. I don’t know about you, but when I am dressed up for work or for casual events I want to feel like I am properly dressed. There is nothing worse than looking like you are just hanging out. Especially when you get on that motorcycle you tend to get a lot of attention. So my answer is: when you don’t know what you are doing it is best to go with a more simple, clean cut look.

So how should you mix a sports coat and jeans? It depends on what sort of casual look you are going for. If you are going for a more clean cut look you can get away with almost anything but make sure you take the jacket off. You could leave the pants on too, but be warned that if you do that you’ll have more people asking you if you have on the bra.

Sports coats and jeans are a great way to soften up a more casual outfit. For example, if you are wearing a grey denim jacket and sports jacket you are automatically updated into a more professional environment. So you could wear the jacket over the top of the jean followed by the pants. If you decide to wear a pair of dark wash jeans, you are taken a little bit more casually. I would put the jacket on but leave the jeans loose on top.

You can also mix sports coats and jeans in a more dressy way. The first thing I recommend is to go down a size or two. The reason for this is that it is easier to match the fit of a thicker jacket with a lighter pair of jeans. You’ll get a better line and less wrinkles. A lot of retail stores actually carry suits jackets in larger sizes so try one of them.

As far as sports coats and jeans go, you could always consider wearing a t-shirt under your jacket. This way you have more material in which to spread. You could also consider a sports coat over a lighter bottom that goes down to your ankles. This way you have leggings under your sports coat.

If you’re not into sports, but still want to create a casual look, then you could pair a solid colored leather jacket with a pair of dark-washed jeans. It’s a great way to transition from dress to casual. Just make sure they are of the same color.

If you need some more ideas for how to transition your sports coat and jeans into a casual look, then I suggest you check out some of my other articles. They will give you some more options in terms of how to pair the two. Remember, a sports jacket goes great with a pair of jeans, but if it’s too dark or washed out, then you’ll just look like you’ve gone to the tailor! The key is to make sure you have at least one solid color to mix and match with your jeans.

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