The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Sweater Blazer With Jeans

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing a Sweater Blazer With Jeans

A sweater blazer is an elegant casual style of outerwear with long sleeves, a fitted collars, a v-necked top and a tailored vest or checkered skirt. Sweaters are known to have been worn by both men and women since the 16th century. They tend to be very formfitting and may fit even less slim than a standard suit jacket. They are typically worn either tucked or un-tucked into high-waist skirts or slacks. In terms of material and design, there are as many options as there are styles in sweaters.

The classic look has always been that of a closed-front knit jacket, but this look has given way to open-front knit jackets that give the option of open front versus closed. If you’re not used to seeing sweater blazers, think of them as long sleeve cardigans with open front or closed. The open-front knit jackets were originally made from heavy wool materials like cashmere and felt. Nowadays, many sweaters are made from lightweight fabrics like cotton knit.

A great way to incorporate a sweater blazer into your wardrobe is to wear it with denim jeans. Pair a dark colored t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans, worn with open-front cardigan sweater blazers or open-front kurtis. For the fall and winter months, pairing your sweater blazer with a jean jacket in one of these styles is ideal. Pair your jeans with black skinny jeans for a more formal look. Pair your sweater blazer with a short-sleeved or capris dress, worn with a shawl or faux-shearling jacket in a contrasting color.

For a casual outfit, you can always layer your sweater blazer over a pair of jeans. If you already own a dark colored pair of jeans, pair it with a faded pink or beige sweater blazer. If you don’t have a dark color, choose a different color like black. This type of outfit looks absolutely stunning with a striped shirt. You can also layer this with a short-sleeved top in the same shade of pink or beige.

If you want to go really dressed down but don’t want to dress up the entire outfit, a long-sleeved, collared sweater blazer works just as well as a j.crew shirt. Pair it with jeans or khakis. J. Crew also offers a wide variety of other items such as shorts, jeans, shorts, skirt and pants.

Another way to wear a sweater blazer without having to worry about looking too dressed up is to add some patch pockets. Any neckline can work but a v-neck, crew neck or V-neck is perfect. For the women who want to add some flare to their jeans, try pairing it with a plain, white, beige or gray jean. If you pair it with a light colored, cardigan, you’re instantly turning your jeans into a summer staple.

For wintertime, sweaters are still a top choice. Plus size women can go with a wool or cashmere sweater blazer that looks really elegant. Look for a button down collar that has a bit of a zipper. Many times cashmere is used because of its insulating properties. If you have a bit more of a thick neckline, it makes the sweater blazer look even more elegant.

Women’s cardigans are another great option for women who are trying to wear a sweater blazer with jeans. Choose an open-front cardigan that shows off your shoulders. Women who have smaller shoulders should consider going with an open-front cardigan that features a zipper up the front or an enclosed shoulder. Women’s cardigan styles include those that feature buttons, plackets, zippers, pleats or a combination of both. You can also choose to go with a placket instead of a zipper and if you’re not a fan of pleats, then opt for a cardigan with no pleats.

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