The Versatility of Blazer Jackets

The Versatility of Blazer Jackets

A blazer jacket is a kind of short jacket resembling a jacket but more loosely tailored. Generally, a blazer is designed from solid color fabrics and loosely tailored, as opposed to a sport jacket which is typically tailored from heavier fabric materials. Blazers often have ornate metal buttons, representative of their historical roots as army coats worn by warring cadets. While blazers are most often a jacket for casual wear or work, they can be a great fashion statement as well. The following are some ways in which you can wear a blazer:

A blazer jacket looks great for both evening and daytime wear. In the evening, for instance, you can wear it with a tuxedo or cummerbund for a special event. Wear it with jeans for lunch or a leisure walk to bring out the romantic side. And if you’re heading out to a nightclub or bar, look great in a black and grey blazer jacket paired with skinny jeans and a classy ankle length skirt or dress. For the daytime ensemble, double-breasted jackets are ideal for any occasion whether it’s a casual stroll in the morning, a family picnic in the evening, or a yoga class.

During the day, you can wear a blazer jacket with jeans or chinos for a fun and casual look. Wear it with a light-colored cotton shirt or khaki pants for a cool, casual look. For a fun and laid back look, pair a white or grey flannel trousers with a blazer jacket in black or navy. For an all-day outfit, double-breasted suits are great as well as black leather trousers in plain or patterned colours. For the evening party, a dark fitted jacket with a printed tie looks sophisticated and cool.

A blazer jacket can be worn with almost any type of neckline such as a V neck, sweetheart or round neck. A favourite for both men and women, it is versatile and flattering for all body types. Worn with slim fit jeans or boot cut jeans, the classic blue worsted serge is flattering and always in style. Pair it with skinny jeans, a white or grey jacket and a plain t-shirt for a laid-back and casual look.

Blue blazer jackets can also be worn with a pair of skinny jeans or even dressy pants. This makes an elegant outfit for the office or a date. Sports jackets work best with short or average length jeans or leggings. These can be worn with a matching cardigan or jumper for a smart and casual look.

For a more casual look, there are many other colours and styles that go well with a blazer. For example, you can wear a checkered black or charcoal blazer to work with a pair of skinny jeans or a dress. It works with almost every colour and pattern and goes equally well with a plain t-shirt. It’s great for both evenings and daywear. You can also wear it with a simple white or grey suit jacket and a blazer made from corduroy or leather.

During the warmer months, a blazer jacket can be dressed up with your favourite pair of jeans, skirts or dresses. The corduroy material will keep you warm and look great while wearing a nice pair of jeans. The blazer business professional style also looks good with dark washed jeans. For a smart look, wear a brown blazer with dark washed jeans or khakis. With a long or short skirt, the blazer business professional style is also versatile.

When buying your blazer, pay attention to the details and don’t skimp on them. While the pleats in some blazers may be a little small, they can add character to your jacket. Pleated blazers look good with dress pants, skirt or shorts. If you need to buy a blazer that is not pleated, look for one that has more details like hidden buttons, a zipper, lining or a lining that is in a contrasting colour to the colour of the fabric. A good blazer will last for years so treat it well.

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