Tips When to Use Your Blazer When to Wear a Blazer

Tips When to Use Your Blazer When to Wear a Blazer

So many people have no idea how to properly wear a blazer. Whether you are going for formal or informal occasion, the correct way of wearing a blazer can make the difference between a boring day or a fantastic one. It really is important that you know what to do and when to do it when wearing a blazer. I want to show you some great tips that will help make you look like a million bucks while wearing your blazer every day.

First and foremost, when wearing a blazer, always wear it at the proper length. You should always avoid being in such close proximity with your friends that you are tripping and falling over. Make sure that your blazer is worn at the proper length before you go out and that your jacket is tucked into the blazer properly. This way, you will be sure to avoid having a full coat hanging around you while you are trying to be all hip and cool.

Never use your blazer as a crutch. You should always try to keep your blazer away from your body because this will take away from the look of your entire outfit. The last thing you want is to be wearing your jacket and not wearing the rest of your outfit.

Never wear your blazer with too much color or prints. If you do this then you will look extremely overdone. Instead, stay away from these styles.

Never wear your blazer with an inappropriate color or print. The only time that this should happen is when you are wearing an animal print blazer. These are great for spring or summer but never wear it when going out for an evening.

Never wear your blazer with your belt undone. This will not only ruin your outfit, but it will make you look extremely awkward when you are trying to walk. Keep your belt buckled.

Never wear your blazer with socks. This is a terrible fashion faux pas that most people will do at least once. It’s far better to wear a pair of slacks and a pair of shoes to the office and go out in a business suit or dress shirt and tie.

Finally, if you can’t find any tips that will work, then I would suggest that you just wear your blazer. when you can and you won’t have to deal with all of those mistakes listed above.

Another great tip for women who don’t like to be over-dressed is to simply put on something more casual than your suit and tie. This way, you will still look great but will also avoid looking over-dressed.

Never wear your blazer over your trousers. This will ruin your entire outfit and will only make you look worse. Instead, always wear your trouser and your blazer together so that you will have both your top and your bottoms.

Never wear your blazer while you are out shopping. Again, this is a terrible fashion faux pas that will leave you looking unprofessional and very uncomfortable.

Never wear your blazer while you are out on a date. This will look very embarrassing when you are in the club or in a restaurant and will also turn people off very quickly.

Never wear your blazer with your pants undone. This is a bad faux pas that you will never want to commit to.

Never wear your blazer with a tuxedo. If you are going to wear one at all, just wear it with a normal shirt and tie rather than with the tuxedo.

Never wear your blazer with your suit pants open. This is a very bad fashion faux pas that you need to avoid at all costs.

Never wear your blazer with your blazer. This might sound crazy, but it actually is a real faux pas that many women have committed to. Avoid doing this.

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