Wearing A Navy Blue Blazer With Grey Jean Or Chinos

Wearing A Navy Blue Blazer With Grey Jean Or Chinos

What color shirt with navy blue blazer actually goes good with it? Truth be told, just about anything that you own would go great with the navy blue blazer ensemble. In fact, the entire ensemble is so versatile that it may actually not even matter which shade of blue it is. It can either be very light or very dark depending on how you pair it up.

As far as what color pants combination to wear with a blazer style shirt, that actually depends upon how you would normally wear the fabric. If you’re someone who typically wears a darker shade of fabric, then you should probably pair it with a lighter shade of blue. You could for instance wear a dark blue jean with a light shade of blouse in the same color. This way, you would have contrast and create interest in your outfit. However, this may also mean that it is more complicated to wash out the pants since you would be wearing them outside most of the time.

For those of you who usually wear lighter shade of blue clothing, such as a white shirt with a light shade of blue jeans, then pairing it with a dark color of jean would be ideal. Dark jeans also goes well if you are planning to wear a blazer style top. A white shirt with a light blue tie can also be worn together, especially if you pair it with dark pants. This way, you will have an instant contrast and you would instantly draw attention to your attire.

As for other accessories that you can wear with a navy blue blazer combinations, accessories are always welcome. Earrings, a necklace, bracelets, and other fashion accessories can all complete your look. You can also try to experiment with them, since not all styles will work for every person. Of course, you may always mix and match them based on the outfit that you have.

When it comes to men, their favorite outfit would include jeans paired with blazers or a blazer with a pair of chinos. However, this pairing is not recommended for formal occasions such as office meetings and stuff like that. For formal events and occasions such as weddings and funerals, a conservative style of wearing would be preferred.

Women, on the other hand, can wear these with almost anything so long as it is a light shade of blue and if it suits their casual outfit. However, they must remember that this style is quite popular among casual shoppers. They can try to pair them with a grey or black skinny jeans, a white pair of trousers with grey or black stripes, and a floral printed top. They can also wear a blazer with a printed tee. There are still a lot more combinations for women but you just need to know the basic rules when it comes to this type of casual clothing.

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