Wearing Your New Versatile Autumn Blazer This Spring

Wearing Your New Versatile Autumn Blazer This Spring

When it comes to a great blazer, you can’t go wrong with a Veronica Beard Blazer. Not only does it run true to its namesake, which is a simple patchwork blazer with embroidery, but they also clearly know how to jive it all together! Started ten years ago in a little quaint store in New York City, Veronica Beard quickly became an overnight sensation, earning themselves a legion of fans everywhere. From her very own line of clothing to designer creations, she’s now putting out high-quality and luxurious clothing, accessories and all, for both men and women.

One of many things that make a Veronica beard blazer a favorite of so many women and girls alike is the fact that they’re so stylish. Whether you wear jeans or leather pants, this type of blazer can be quite helpful in keeping you warm, casual or elegant. This is also one reason why the style has endured through the ages; because it is simply versatile. You can wear it for work, for casual wear, for a fancy event, or even for a dress up day. In short, you can wear it with practically anything.

What’s more is that a veronica beard blazer is an investment piece. These jackets are not just some garment that you buy once and forget about, nor are they some that you only wear during certain seasons. These jackets last forever, and because they are made from such a unique fabric and in such a form, you can wear them year after year with virtually no wear. That’s why you need to have a few in your closet, so that you can be prepared whenever the urge to wear them arises.

So where should you wear these fantastic jackets? Ideally, you should keep your black jackets and your navy blue blazers in the closet, so that they remain separated. Then, whenever a chill goes through your wardrobe (or any other part of your body for that matter), you can pull out the three aforementioned jackets and swap them in accordance. This will give you the distinct look of a true trendsetter. If you’re thinking along the lines of an investment piece, then you should always pair it off with a good pair of jeans. Nothing will make you look more like a classic bad boy than a pair of denim and a blazer.

Another great place to wear your veronica beard blazer would be the office. There are many people who work in offices that require them to wear a jacket, so you can have your own collection of three or four blazers that match the colors of your shirts. This will allow you to wear them while you are working, and it will allow you to switch between your blazers as the seasons change. It’s a much smarter option than buying dickey jackets every time there is a change in the weather.

The third place to put your beard accessory would be your everyday wardrobe. You can have a shirt with an interesting geometric design and a solid blue or black leopard top, which will look good with just about anything you want to wear. It will give you just the right amount of coverage, and you can wear your pants or a nice pair of slacks with it, depending on your preference.

The last place that you should wear your unique clothing item is during the summer. Although you are not going to be able to wear your Veronica blazer outdoors, you can still use it to get a cool, low-cost look when you head out into the summer. You can wear your dickey jacket overtop, but avoid pairing it with baggy jeans or khakis, because you will sacrifice style points.

The final three places where you should put your veronica blazers this spring are the end of your biker jackets, on special outfits like a tee and short, or as part of your casual clothes collection. Don’t forget that you can even wear your veronica blazers with flip flops or sandals, so you can wear them to the beach, the pool, or anywhere that you want to look stylish and cool this spring. Wearing a unique outfit like this one will only allow you to get truly fashionable this spring. Start shopping for your Veronica today!

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