What Blazer Goes With Navy Pants? A Basic Guide

What Blazer Goes With Navy Pants? A Basic Guide

When people ask me what blazer goes with navy pants, my answer is a resounding “yes!” But it does not mean that I want to appear like I don’t know what I’m talking about! I know the exact basics of how blazers look in this color, but there are exceptions and interpretations. When choosing a blazer, make sure that you take into consideration your own personal style, and you will end up wearing the blazer exactly how you envision it.

So, let’s start with some basic explanations on how the blazer should fit, in order to be the perfect match for your navy blazer. The first thing you need to remember is that navy blazers come in all different cuts.

First, you have the slimmer cut that goes well with all kinds of trousers, including jeans and pants. You may find that this cuts too tight on you, and it can actually make you look more like you are wearing cargo pants than a navy blazer. Your best bet is to go with a slim cut in a slim-fitting blazer, and wear it with the right kind of trousers.

Second, you have the tailored navy blazer, which is great for wearing with jeans or with slacks. This type of blazer has a good fit, and it is often a slim fit. It is a great choice for many situations. I would suggest it over the slimmer cut, however, if you are wearing a blazer with the kind of trousers that are designed to go with it.

Third, you have the pleated navy blazer, which has a slimmer cut that also has a classic curved shape to it. It is very similar to the slimmer cut, but the difference is that it has a high waistline that flares out a bit when the jacket is worn. This pleat shape can either make or break a blazer, so if you want to wear a pleated navy blazer with jeans, it is the perfect choice.

Here are a few examples of how the navy blazer can fit with each cut. Of course, we still want to use the Navy blazer for the ultimate in casual wear.

If you want to wear a navy blazer with jeans, wear it slimmer than your usual fits, such as the slimmer cut. Be sure to wear it with a pair of jeans made from a heavier fabric such as wool, or even denim. When worn this way, your jacket will maintain its slim fit.

This is a great example of how the slimmer cut can work with a slim navy blazer. You can still wear the classic curved shape, but be sure to wear a darker colored button down shirt underneath a navy blazer, for a vintage look.

The last example of a pleated navy blazer is the slim-fit type. The slim-fit fit makes a navy blazer a perfect fit for a pair of dark-washed jeans.

We now have three examples of the navy blazer fitting with each of the three cuts mentioned above. The shape and cut of a navy blazer must fit the wearer, in order to make the perfect match. Let’s look at what the best shapes and cuts look like in a navy blazer.

You should go with an oval shape if you are taller, slim, or both. If you are a little shorter, you can wear the circular shape, which is a little thicker and a little wider. If you are a little thicker, you can get away with the classic slimmer cut.

To make the perfect match for your navy blazer, your body and clothing style should determine the cut and the shape. I hope this helps you find the perfect blazer for your wardrobe.

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