What Style of Girls Blazer is Right For Me?

What Style of Girls Blazer is Right For Me?

There are many different types of girls blazers, which is the reason why so many women choose to wear them each year for special occasions. Many girls decide to wear a blazer to complement a skirt or dress and they have no idea what kind to buy or what type of blazer to buy. This article will be your best guide in learning what kinds of blazers to get and which to avoid this holiday season.

One of the most common styles is a black blazer. Black is a pretty classic color that always works well with so many different outfits, especially when worn with skirts. One of the reasons this color is so versatile is because black goes with everything. It does not matter what you are wearing underneath the black jacket, for as long as it is black, then it will work with your outfit. Black also goes very well with gray and other gray colors which are currently in fashion, making it an all around favorite for fall and winter weddings and proms.

Another great girls blazer option is a plaid blazer. These can easily be worn with a skirt, dress, or even a shirt and jeans. They tend to look very casual which makes them appropriate for just about any place and any time. If you do not care to dress up too much then this is a great option. Plaid is also a very popular color with mothers, which makes them a good choice for gifts as well as for yourself.

A blue girls blazer is a great option for a fall or winter wedding. There are so many different ways to incorporate blue into a girl’s blazer. For instance you can get a blazer that incorporates a lot of blue with golden accents. This can make for a great looking ensemble as well as being very sophisticated. Blue looks great with a navy skirt, dark pants, or light skinny jeans.

If you want to keep it simple then you could always get a solid black girls blazer. Black is a timeless color and will never go out of style. The key is to keep the lines simple and to add some sort of texture to the outfit. A serrated edge is a great option to add some character to your look.

The key to making a girls blazer versatile is to find a way to incorporate different looks into the same outfit. If you go with a solid black blazer then you can easily switch it out with a plaid tops or with a lace top or with a pair of jeans. You could even throw in some bright colors if you wanted to. One great way to do this is by adding a wide belt over the top of the girls blazer. Now everyone will have something different to wear with this outfit and this will help you stand out from everyone else. Remember though that a belt should not be worn along your waistline.

Another thing that can really add a few more looks to a girl’s blazer is adding a patterned skirt to it. There are so many different patterns to choose from that you should have no problem finding one to suit your body type and your fashion sense. You can make the skirt look ultra sexy or you can go with a casual yet smart look. Either way, it will still look great with the girls blazer that you choose.

When you are shopping for a girls blazer try to find ones that will go well with different types of outfits. There are so many different styles to choose from so it is important that you shop around and take your time to see what you like. Also, make sure that you buy a blazer that will fit properly so that it will stay up on your arms. This will ensure that you look the best that you can when you are wearing an outfit that needs to show off your figure.

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