Why Men Love Wears a Tweed Blazer

Why Men Love Wears a Tweed Blazer?

One of the most stylish jackets that can be worn on a cold winter’s day is a tweed blazer. These coats have been a staple in men’s fashion for as long as there have been coats. The tweed look goes all the way back to the very beginning of the thirties when it was simply called a blazer and nobody knew what it would come to be known for. These jackets were originally thought to be used for the Navy but later in time they became very popular among working-class men. In those days, these coats were manufactured in heavy cotton materials so as to keep the man who wore it warm.

The look of the tweed blazer can be described as both smart and dressed up. On one hand, the look exudes sophistication and on the other hand, it also has a rugged look about it. The main reason why this type of coat is so well dressed up is because of its detailing. The detailing on this type of coat is usually found in three different places namely on the sleeves, the pockets and the collar. The detailing can either be stiff or soft depending on which style you prefer.

Another great thing with this type of coat is that it can work for both genders. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you can definitely pull off this look and people will be sure to comment on how good looking you look. In fact, you can even wear it when you go out clubbing at night. A lot of guys like to match this type of coat with jeans and a t-shirt.

If you are thinking that this type of coat cannot be worn in the winter then you are totally wrong. You see, this coat comes in different varieties depending on what you like. You can get the classic black and white look if you are a casual type of person. There are also various tweed blazer men’s winter look options which include fleece lined jackets and plaid patterns. For those who want something more formal they have the option of having the double-breasted look.

One reason why a lot of men are turning to wearing these coats is because they are very practical. They can make any man look stylish and elegant. You can pair this coat with a plain suit or a jacket and a pair of jeans. It will look very good on top of whatever outfit you have.

Another plus point of men wearing these blazers are that they do not make them appear too dressed up. In fact, they can actually make men look quite casual making them look more confident and laid back. No wonder the tweed blazer has been so popular all along!

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