Perfect Pairing For a Hot Pink Blazer

Perfect Pairing For a Hot Pink Blazer

One of the trendiest yet most practical garments lately has been the hot pink blazer. Worn with a t-shirt and jeans, it has the ability to be worn casually as well as formally. In fact, it can work as both the perfect outerwear as well as a top on the hottest fashion list. Since this season is quite hot, there are many different styles of blazers that you can choose from. Here are some tips and ideas on how to wear a hot pink blazer.

One of the trendiest ways to dress a hot pink blazer effectively is to wear it along with black leather shorts. If you consider yourself a smart casual type, then go for a more conservative pair of black leather shorts. If you are still confident on your style, you can wear a longer version of black leather shorts. It will still be a stylish and casual outfit. Go for elegant yet edgy style in a black leather blazer with a pair of skinny black jeans. This will surely get the attention of everyone in the room.

If you want to be in sync with the latest fashion trends, then pairing up your hot pink blazer with a pair of grey leather pants is an excellent idea. A good fit is important to have that slim look. Pair a grey pair of pants with a blazer in hot pink that is cut higher such as a mock turtleneck or a vest with embellished collars.

If you want to wear your hot pink blazer on a casual basis, then pairing it with a plain white cotton shirt is ideal. A white shirt with printed blue stripes is also stylish. Just make sure that you pair it with skinny black skinny jeans so as to maintain the casual look. A blazer in hot pink will definitely turn heads when worn together with a simple white shirt.

In addition to wearing your hot pink blazer with a pair of skinny jeans, it is also a perfect match to be paired with a cute little black clutch purse. Your blouse and clutch must be relatively similar in color. For instance, if you are wearing a turquoise studded clutch, your shoes should also be turquoise. The most important thing here is that your outfit matches with your shoes. A black dress with turquoise accent can also work well.

For more fun and flirty style, you can simply wear a pair of white skinny jeans along with a blouse in hot pink. Remember to team your ensemble with a lovely pair of stilettos. For a more office like look, you can simply wear a blouse in black skinny with a waist adjustment. This outfit is a great option for business casual outfit because it perfectly combines with a t-shirt and a cardigan.

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