Tips for Wearing Your Formal Blazer

Tips for Wearing Your Formal Blazer

Every man needs a great formal blazer in his wardrobe. A classic black waistcoat and waistband for a black tux or solid suit. While a black bow tie is always the ultimate formal option, inject your own style into your ensemble with a colorful bow tie collar square and matching pocket square pair. If you don’t go for a colored accessories, add some bright reds and black socks to your classic men’s formal shoes.

The shirt collar shape is always an iconic look. You can get the traditional V-neck shirt collar that goes from top to bottom and has a button hole for the hook-line. Or you can get a more tapered style to fit your body better. The classic V-neck looks good on all body types. Make sure your collar goes down to your belly button though to avoid turning it into an unwanted soup bowl look.

A V-shaped look is always a classic and very complimentary to the bowtie. With the V-shape, your coat can be shorter or longer. You can wear a double-breasted blazer and switch up the buttons from a large, oversized one to an oversized oval or rectangle button hole. If you are wearing a vest, you can always draw the bowline out with a button hole at the top of your vest lining. Just be sure not to draw out your V-shape too much or else it will become distracting.

The three quarter length is another versatile length that can be worn with virtually any type of shirt. This works especially well with dress shirts or sweater coats that reach to the middle of the upper torso. For a more fitted look, go with a full length blazer. The fullness disguises any lopsidedness.

The traditional two-piece evening dress blazer is the best choice for a dressy, casual, or sports event. The blazer should be just large enough to cover the entire dress and provide a nice contrast to the dress. Avoid a two-piece that reaches the waistline as this will make you look like you have too many layers or too much weight. Look for one that is made of a light material and has a classic shape. Stay away from the boxy and tapered shapes unless you have a very tailored look yourself.

If you are going to wear a sleeveless blazer, then you need to take the time to find the right sleeve length. Most men end up wearing their sleeves rolled up to their elbow. Avoid this look because it can be quite casual. Instead, go with something that is more fitted or at least in the same direction as your sleeves. For example, if you wear your sleeves rolled down to your wrist, try to find one with a hanger that is not too wide and that hits your forearm rather than your elbow.

The fit of a formal blazer should be just right. If you are going to a wedding or another special event, then you want to ensure that the fit is flattering. A good rule of thumb is to find the blazer that is a half inch bigger than your wrist size. Remember that it should not be too tight or too loose. It should rest comfortably on your body and not chafe your hands or arms. If it is too loose, it will look like you are wearing a coat and not a blazer.

A well-chosen blazer can really complete your formal look. Take your time and shop around for the right one that fits you well. Remember that you want this to be a perfect look for the occasion and not something that will throw off the balance of your entire outfit. Be sure to pick out your formal blazer today!

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