A Camel Blazer to Fill Every Single Need

A Camel Blazer to Fill Every Single Need

A plain, black camel blazer can be transformed into an attractive and stylish fall accessory with just a few simple steps. Layering with a camel blazer is both fashionable and warm. It makes for a smart and flattering look, making you look like the aging hipster you are. Take your fall clothing needs to the next level with an extra special dressy blazer this year. A plain, black camel blazer can be dressed up or down to match any outfit you want; here are some ideas for turning it from blah-looking to runway-ready style.

Just a touch of black adds just enough subtle warmth to reflect off the changing seasons in the trees. Try layering a black camel blazer with a pea coat, coat, wool or cashmere sweater, depending on how much coldness you need. For even more warmth, try some of the chic trench coats, cashmere sweaters, or other winter coats that are piling up the garage or under the bed this year. For a more casual look, a blazer under a shirt is an instant fashion hit.

If you want to look even more fashionably sophisticated, try a leather blazer with a silk shirt or cardigan underneath. You can pull this off with almost anything you already own: silk shirt, cardigan, corduroy pants, a wool scarf, woolen hat…any of these can be a base for your camel accessory look. The key here is to stay away from metallic accessories because they will just distract from the clean, simple lines of your linen or cashmere blazers. Stick to neutral colors and solid leather, especially if you are going to wear your blazers over a matching shirt.

Now for the details: details are what really make a garment look great. A great cut and a good fit always go well together. Look for details like pleats, stitching, buttons, zippers, folds or cuffs. Try to find ones that match the type of clothing that you are wearing, so if you have a shirt and jacket, find a zipper that goes with it or coordinates with your jacket. For belts, you can use either plain hardware or decorative ones that match your shoes or belt. For shoes and belts, you can use studs, buckles, belts or even some colorful buttons, if you want to add a little something extra.

One of the things that make people love them so much is their versatility. They work as an outfit both day and night, and they look great with almost anything. Worn under a shirt and a jumper, they can also look great with jeans and a dress for a casual lunch at the office. They pair perfectly with Oxfords, jeans and a t-shirt for a daytime look, and with a dress for a formal evening event.

The material that they are made from is the same thing that makes these blazers so versatile. Denim is the most common, but cashmere and other fabrics are making a comeback. They provide a soft, comfortable and durable layer that will allow you to carry yourself with confidence, and still look fabulous. Worn under a shirt and jacket, a cardigan or a blazer is versatile enough to be worn in any season. If you have never tried a camel blazer in your life, you are really missing out. Go shopping for some today and discover the versatility and classic beauty that this piece of outerwear has to offer.

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