What to Look For When Choosing Blazers for Men

What to Look For When Choosing Blazers for Men?

Every guy needs at least one blazer (often in navy) in their closet, ideally in black. From there, men can start to widen their fashion horizons by introducing new colors and textiles. The good news about blazers for men is that, even when they’re just blazers, they are perfect for instantly turning casual outfit into smart, business-appropriate outfits. Blazers, in particular, work wonderfully in both very formal and very casual ensembles. In this article, we’ll show you a few of the top blazers for men that every guy should have in his closet.

nicestuff This top notch blazer is both comfortable and fashionable. The best blazers for men feature a variety of pockets on the outside of the garment. For example, there is the dime-shaped pocket which allows you to carry cash, a lip stick, and other accessories like cell phones or sunglasses. Another great feature is the double Loop closures, which allow you to wear shirts without having to worry about buttons. The nickel-plated hardware adds a touch of polish to the best blazers for men.

Merino wool is some of the most durable and weatherproof fabric available. That’s why these are the best blazers for men because they provide an incredible comfort level and a truly timeless look. In fact, Merino wool blends are commonly used in both men’s and women’s apparel because they are both warm, durable, and stylish. A Merino blazer combines a classic look with modern versatility and it can be worn both casually and formally.

The classic blazer that comes in black is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in any man’s wardrobe. It works with every type of suit, whether formal or informal, business casual, or sports attire. Sport coat made of Merino wool will always look fresh and sharp in your closet. Wearing a sport coat with jeans, trousers, or khakis is a classic way to add style to any look and you don’t have to spend hours in the tailor to achieve a great tailored look like you would with a wool sport coat.

Leather is another option you may want to consider when looking for a blazer for men that will always be a good fit and is long lasting. If you are looking for a blazer that has a classic clean look, a quality leather jacket fabric should be your top choice. There are many different styles available in both formal and casual styles and each has their own distinct look and feel. Some examples of good leather blazers for men include those in calf length, double breasted, or with front pockets.

Cotton is another wonderful option that can make you look sharp and well put together. Cotton blazers for men are made with warm weight cotton that drapes nicely and can be found in many different styles. In the summer time cotton can help to keep you cool and comfortable while the winter months have the added bonus of keeping you warm. A great pair of cotton sport blazers could even serve as a substitute jacket in case you need one that you can wear over a heavy coat in the colder months. Cotton is also incredibly soft and is very easy to care for making it an ideal fabric to own.

Another option for blazers for men that are both durable and stylish is a pair of chinos. If you love wearing casual jeans, you will appreciate the comfort and casual style of a good pair of chinos. For a slightly more formal look consider pairing your chino with a jacket or a blazer. A great blazer can give your jeans some added dimension and extra character. For a more casual look try pairing your chinos with a casual cardigan or even a plain khaki or cotton shirt.

The best blazers for men will help you feel confident in both your appearance and your choice of clothing. By choosing quality items that are flattering to your body type and age you can give yourself the perfect look. Whether you are looking for a jacket, shirt, or blazer you can find just the right one by shopping at your local retail store, department store, or online. Remember, with any wardrobe, your best blazers for men will be those that complement your look and add a bit of sophistication to your otherwise casual ensemble.

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