Blue Blazer Worn With Men's Dress Shirts

Blue Blazer Worn With Men’s Dress Shirts

When Christmas is around the corner, my family usually gathers around our big, chunky, overstuffed kitchen table. We have been doing Christmas egg hunts for years, but this year we plan on something different. My son makes the rounds of houses, asking if anyone has a blue blazer he can wear. Most people have no idea what a blue blazer actually looks like, let alone how to wear one. We all agree that a blue blazer is definitely a must-have for any Easter basket.

The key to wearing a blue blazer well is planning ahead. The blazer must always be worn with pants. But that pants? Blue pants are always the right choice, because navy blue blazer pants never go out of style. My wife’s blue Jean pants were the perfect choice.

There are many ways to wear a blue blazer, but the easiest is definitely traditional. Put a blue blazer over a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a button-down shirt and a vest. These are easy to find at many retail stores. If you are buying them online, read the labels very carefully so you don’t end up paying for a wool blend. Wool blend can get very expensive. If you are in doubt about how the material is made, don’t buy it.

For the finishing touches, add a thin line of lemon peel on the inside back of the blue blazer. If you don’t want to use lemon peel, simply use a sharpie marker or pencil to draw a thin line. You can also use any type of colored pencil or even your finger. Then put the lemon peel on top of the ink, and draw a diagonal line down the inside back of the blazer to create the hook and loop closures.

Many men choose navy blue blazer and trousers for business suits. However, you can also wear it with a dress shirt, a sweater and a pair of khakis. Navy blue blazer also looks good with a casual dress pants suit, particularly if you pair it with a solid color tie. In fact, I even recommend wearing it with dress shoes, just don’t pair it with boots! If you do, it will seem like you are trying to match the pants to the shoes.

A blue blazer can also look great with a pair of khakis or a nice dress pants suit. For this look, I recommend a solid, dark-colored dress shirt that is a bit longer than you usually wear. If you do not have a dress shirt, you can always go with a vest or a long-sleeved cardigan. You should keep in mind that a gray, white, or black dress will go with almost anything, but it may be more appropriate for darker colored clothing. For the best results, try to pair your jackets or blazers with a similar color for contrast.

Blue blazers are also appropriate to wear with a pair of dress slacks. For instance, you could wear a white or gray blazer over a black dress pants. A blue blazer can also look good over a plain-colored shirt. Remember to pair your blazers with a belt that matches the rest of your ensemble. You can wear a plain or an adjustable buckle belt.

The key to pair a blazer with a dress or tuxedo is to ensure that the blazer compliments and coordinates with your outerwear. If you are planning on wearing a blue polo shirt worn under a navy blue blazer, try to find a style that is in keeping with your dress. A three-piece suit usually looks better with a polo shirt worn in the same hue. If you want to wear a colored tie, make sure that your tie matches your dress.

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