Casual Blazer Worn With Everything

Casual Blazer Worn With Everything

How can you wear a casual blazer better? This is one question that fashionistas everywhere are asking themselves when it comes to dressing casual. The blazers of the season tend to be flirty, airy, and a lot of fun. Many are made from high quality fabrics like cotton, silk, or cashmere that give a luxuriously comfortable feel even if they aren’t really worn every day. Here are some tips for how to make wearing these blazers even more exciting.

To wear a casual blazer properly, begin by selecting an easy, relaxed style. To do this, try going for lightweight, breathable fabrics, like linen, for instance. Keep in mind that you want something that doesn’t cling to the body. Linen has a tendency to do this, as does cotton. So opt for a linen jacket or shirt, rather than one that’s too form fitting.

You can also opt for a pair of trousers along with your linen blazer for a smart casual look that still looks great. A pair of dark jeans works great with a blazer, as does a plain pair of slacks. You can even layer your pants with your jacket and a cardigan, if you want to dress up the ensemble even more. The key is to keep the piece subtle, yet interesting.

You can also wear a pair of chinos with your blazer as well. Pair black chinos with a dark blazer in linen and you get a very sophisticated look that’s also soft and slimming. Alternatively, choose a pair of white or beige chinos that work with almost any patterned, printed, or embroidered blazer. For a casual weekend outfit, pair your chinos with a faded blue or khaki pair of jeans – the effect is casual but still looks elegant.

You don’t have to wear a jacket with your blazer – in fact, it’s often better not to. But sometimes, you just need a few buttons undone so you can slip on your favorite shirt underneath. If that’s the case, then make sure your shirt collar is straight, and that it’s not too tight. If you’re wearing a sports jersey shirt, make sure that it’s not too short – this will make you look bulkier than you really are.

Sweaters and chinos can be worn with almost anything, but they’re particularly good with dressy pants. You can pull them off with anything from a fancy dress to jeans for an equally casual look. If you wear a sweater over your blazer without a blouse underneath, it’ll look like you’ve put on some weight! It can be done! And don’t forget that your sneakers don’t have to match your shirt, either!

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