Hot Pink Blazer - Add Some Color To Your Jeans With A Blazer

Hot Pink Blazer – Add Some Color To Your Jeans With A Blazer

A hot pink blazer can pull together two separate looks. Simply wear a basic hot pink short jacket with a solid white peplum shirt. Match them with grey skinny jeans and a nice pair of grey leather boots to complete the overall look.

To appear a little less bold and a little more stylish, you might want to wear hot pink blazer and a solid blue top with grey skinny jeans. Complete the look with a fine blouse in the same shade of pink. Or, go a different route with a light blue top that is topped off with a solid black blazer in the exact same shade of pink. You’ll be wearing one outfit and matching shoes for both sets of shoes. If you have a tendency to overdo accessories, then this might not be the pair for you. However, a hot pink blazer worn with the right details can be very powerful.

If you’re going for a sophisticated look with a little bit of a grown up edge, consider pairing your hot pink blazer with some form of elegant white shirt and some fine white sandals. For example, you could wear a silk white shirt with a deep v-necked sweater that has some fine printed stripes down the front. Then pair it with cool white jeans. Pair your pants with some cool black leather boots.

If you’d like to dress in a more business casual outfit, consider pairing a black skinny jeans with a blazer in the same shade of pink. That way, you can wear a great looking black blazer and jeans or a black skinny jean and a nice fitting blouse in the exact shade of pink that you want to show off. Again, your black skinny jeans will simply wear the outfit. You could even wear a blazer in one shade of pink to match an old favorite t-shirt that is in the same shade of pink.

If you want to go for a bold hot pink look, pair a good quality basic black or dark blue t-shirt with your basic black or dark grey pair of jeans. A nice graphic tee bag can also be included in this look. Don’t be afraid to wear other colors along with your black jeans – after all, you’re looking for a great black & grey color combo here! One great look to try would be to wear a basic black & grey sweater with your basic black jeans. This would create an overall hot pink look that will make heads turn!

If you prefer something a bit sexier, there are plenty of ladylike outfit ideas to choose from. A sexy pair of skin tight leather leggings or knee boots paired with your basic black & grey dress shirt in a striking shade such as hot pink may be just the thing to pull it off. Or maybe a lace-up mini coat with a graphic tee worn with your black jeans is just the thing to kick up your overall style. Leather leggings can also be a sexy form of topcoat that you’ll be able to wear with hot pink shoes and skinny jeans to complete your hot pink blazer outfit ideas.

As you can see, the possibilities when it comes to dressing with a pink blazer are almost endless. For a little extra glamour, a short black skinny jeans dress might be just the thing to pull this outfit off. Another idea that will add some interest to this outfit is wearing a red blouse underneath the shirt, which really draws the eye down to your lower body. Wearing a red bottom beneath your black skinny jeans will add even more height to this already adorable outfit.

Pair a bold hot pink blazer with some killer black skinny jeans and you’ll have an outfit that everyone will talk about for months to come. Or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not try a purple blouse under your outfit? A purple shirt worn with your black skinny jeans will be super cute and feminine while adding some height to your legs and waistline. These are just a few great pair of sexy pink jeggings to turn your outfit into an instant classic.

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