How To Pick The Right Men's Double Breasted Suit

How To Pick The Right Men’s Double Breasted Suit?

Men’s double breasted shawl is very versatile menswear which could always provide a bold statement to the wearer. It could give you an impression that you are heading out into a new adventure or a new season. Such kind of appearance gives a sense of strength and an authoritative look. However, there are some dos and don’t while wearing such kind of blazers. Here are some guidelines that would help you to look stylish with them.

The first guideline is that always try to find double breasted suits in solid colors, whether it is dark grey navy blue, charcoal or black. They are more formal than other kinds of suits but do not let this fact dishearten you. In fact, double-breasted suits for men are so popular that you must have at least one in your regular wardrobe. Therefore, going for the lighter hue in the summer is ideal to wear during the summer, you may also like it in the spring too.

Another guideline is to avoid creases at the neckline. The crease at the neckline can make you appear older. If you want to look more casual, then you can opt for the double breasted blazers without any necklines. This would be more suitable for young men. You could also combine it with a pair of denims and a casual trousers for a cool casual look.

One other guideline is to avoid being overdressed for a formal occasion. A mens double breasted blazer looks great when combined with a simple t-shirt and a casual vest. Don’t team it up with a formal shirt, jacket or pants. It would appear too busy. Also, avoid being too casual. Remember that a formal suit should never be combined with a casual jacket, trousers or shirt.

Avoid wearing the men’s double-breasted blazers in extreme conditions. The lighter hue in this type of blazer makes it appropriate for all weather. So if you want to keep it safe even in the rain, then go for a navy blue double-breasted blazer. It will protect your clothing from getting wet.

Selecting the right men’s double-breasted suits is a matter of personal choice. There are different styles available, so choose the one that looks great on you. There are also different cuts available, so choose one that best suits your body type. With so many options, you’re sure to find the right one.

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