Tips On Wearing Grey Blazers

Tips On Wearing Grey Blazers

The grey blazer is a very popular item of clothing. It can be worn with almost any type of outfit, from a simple pair of jeans and shirt to a fancy dinner or wedding. A grey blazer can add a touch of subtle sophistication or glamour to a casual outfit and is a great finishing touch to any look. Grey blazers can be purchased in a wide variety of materials such as silk and cotton. They are also available in different sleeve lengths and necklines. Here we have some pointers on how to choose the perfect grey blazer for your casual, professional or evening wardrobe.

Many people wear a grey blazer with a pair of dark denim trousers for an easy pairing. If you like the look of a blazer, but prefer a bit more structure in their jackets, then try a grey blazer with a patterned t-shirt or a v-neck jumper. A solid black jacket looks incredible with these versatile trousers. However, if you do not like too much structure in your jacket, you can choose a vest instead. Vests are great for both work and relaxed wear so can be worn to work in, or to a casual dinner party.

If you have always wanted to try a tweed blazer, but cannot seem to justify the cost, you can always opt for a grey blazer trimmed with a tweed trim. A stripped t-shirt or denim skirt can be topped off with a grey blazer and a pair of jeans or chinos cut suit. A great material to top your grey blazer off with is a crisp cotton shirt. A light coloured cardigan can complete the look. The cardigan can be teamed with the trousers or with the blazer.

There are many different looks that can be achieved by wearing a grey blazer with a pair of casual jeans or leggings. Semi-formal dresses, t-shirts, shorts and even leggings can be paired with a variety of styles of blazers. Semi-formal dresses need to have some contrast involved in their colour scheme as well as some texture to add interest. Black is always a great option for any casual dress.

Slim fit jeans are always welcome on a date, whether it is for an evening out or lunch with friends or a night out at the pub. Gray and black slim fit blazers look great with these types of outfits. An all grey outfit looks stunning when teamed with a Chelsea boots in black, red, white or other colours. This is a classic combination that never fails! The boots help the outfit to stay simple, whilst the skinny jeans give it some character.

For semi-formal occasions, a black blazer worn with a pair of trousers is a great combination. The black blazers give the jeans some shape, adding some dimension to them. If wearing the slim fit straight black jeans, then a black blazer under the jeans will make them look slimmer and fitter. If there is a party to attend, then a black blazer with rhinestone embellishments can be added to the outfit. With so many different ways to wear these, you are sure to look chic and smart with the grey blazers that you choose to wear.

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