How To Wear A Burgundy Blazer With Your Jacket

How To Wear A Burgundy Blazer With Your Jacket?

A burgundy blazer has been a staple of men’s fashion for decades. The look is classy, but still versatile enough to be worn with a lot of different outfits. It’s the right look for this fall and winter, too. You’ll find it in great men’s clothing such as khakis, shirts, and jackets. In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to pair it with great men’s outerwear.

This look works especially well with a simple, neutral colored shirt or blouse. If you’re choosing a solid color to complement your jacket, then you want to stay away from bold, bright hues. A great neutral choice is dark green, brown, or black.

A leather blazer is a great option because it has that classic look you can team with just about any ensemble. You can wear it with an Oxford shirt, a plain t-shirt, or even a vest. You’ll also want to make sure your blazer matches your shoes, particularly if they’re monochrome or black. If you have some gold accessories on, then that also goes nicely with the blazer.

As far as how to wear it with your jacket, there are two basic rules. One is to dress it up and the other down. The rule for dressing it up is easy: wear a great shirt and a great pair of jeans. Then add some blazers. If you do that, you’ll look just fine.

If you dress it down, the look you’re aiming for will be a little trickier. You can get away with a lot more when you dress down, but you’ll need to pick a great pair of jeans and a great top to go with them. You should also look for accessories that match your look, so you can dress up your look a little. You can find a lot of great dress shirts and jackets online or at big box stores such as WalMart. They’ll have a few different looks available so you can switch them up from time to time.

As you can see, you can be a lot more stylish when you add a burgundy blazer to your wardrobe. You can also look more casual or even dressed up with the right top and the right accessories. It’s important to know what kind of style you’re going for so you’ll be able to match your jacket with the appropriate shirt or pants. When you do that, you’ll be able to look just as good in the rain as you would in the sun.

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