Stylish Mens Black Sports Coats

Stylish Mens Black Sports Coats

Every man should own at least one black sports coat. The great thing about black is that it looks great with almost everything and goes with nearly every outfit. Look stylish, sophisticated and professional all in one look with this popular wardrobe staple. Black can be worn with virtually any color, so you can mix and match it with a wide variety of clothing pieces. Here are some basic tips on how to choose the right boat for your wardrobe.

Buy a quality black sports coat with a good fit. Don’t skimp on the fit to save money. Wear a more fitted blazer on formal occasions and a more casual one for more relaxed, informal occasions.

Wear a black sports coat with a solid coloured white shirt. Many people choose to team a white shirt with a grey or blue blazer as a fashion statement. However, white shirts work equally well with black blazers. If you choose a solid coloured top with a solid coloured bottom, you’ll achieve an overall look of greater depth. A black blazer can be worn with virtually any coloured shirt. This is because they’re versatile and can work with most colours.

For office style, wear a black blazer over a white shirt. When picking out a colour for your blazers, opt for one that’s complementary rather than clash. Some colour choices to consider are navy, white and black. Blue and grey trousers give a nice contrast, but be careful with black trousers; they need to be a bit smarter and dressier.

If you’re heading out to a tropical location, opt for a white or cream patterned top, with darker pants in cool black. If you’re at the beach, you might want to go for a more laid back style. Opt for a vest rather than a jacket or tie, with white trousers. A light blue or cream vest will be ideal. Avoid patterned or printed tops; they can tend to stick out like a sore thumb!

If you’re heading out for lunch at a fancy restaurant then you may want to consider wearing your sports coat with smart casual trousers. Avoid black suit trousers and opt instead for grey Jean pants. Jean colours tend to clash with blazers, so a smart casual top and darker jeans are recommended. Black shoes are always advisable, so opt for some classy trainers. For a truly smart casual outfit you may want to consider wearing your sports coat with a blazer, then a pair of smart casual trousers.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a Jean jacket or tuxedo for the office is how it fits. If it is too loose around the waist it could look unwieldy; if it is too tight it could make you look like you have added ten pounds to your weight! The best way to go about finding the perfect fit is to try it on at home. Simply slip on a white shirt and your black blazer and take it to the nearest tailor to have it tailored to your figure.

Your black blazers should be a staple part of your wardrobe. They are a great addition to smart casual wear and are versatile enough to be worn with most outfits. Black blazers can be accessorised in many different ways; they go with almost any accessories from your jeans to your dress shirt. If you are considering buying one then it is worth thinking carefully about whether you need an expensive designer label sports wear or a more affordable option. Often, buying an off-the-shelf blazer from a specialist manufacturer means that you get a much better product.

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