Yacht Club Fashion - The versatility of the Yellow Plaid Blazer

Yacht Club Fashion – The versatility of the Yellow Plaid Blazer

This is definitive evidence that a yellow plaid blazer is a must-have for any wardrobe of today’s gent. And ladies, you’d be happy to know that you don’t have to buy a three-piece suit and tie to pull off this style. A simple solid-colored blazer in one of these crisp colors can be turned into an elegant and chic look with just a few extra accessories. So, if you need to instantly add this outfit to your arsenal, why not compliment this ensemble with cool dark brown suede shoes?

Yellow plaid is a versatile print that can easily be worn with most any pattern. It adds an edgy, yet sophisticated twist to an otherwise classic ensemble. So get dressed up with a cute printed cardigan or a tailored jacket for a more flattering look. Or go the other way and wear a more modern print with a cropped shirt and cropped trousers for a bolder look. These styles look especially good with slacks or cropped jeans.

For a casual but no-nonsense look, wear a solid-colored cardigan with an oversized plaid print. This color palette will work for all ages and body types. A great tip for beginners is to team it with a plain t-shirt. This color pairing also goes well with a sporty t-shirt or a button-down blouse.

You can turn a basic yellow plaid into a stylish fashion statement simply by choosing two complementary colors. This works equally well with a dress, pantsuit, or skirt. Choose a solid-colored cardigan in one of these rich hues and team it with a dark-washed pair of jeans or a dark-colored cotton shirt. A chambray print shirt or a plaid skirt is also an easy way to carry this color motif into your attire. You can turn this basic yellow plaid into an even more dynamic outfit by combining it with leather shoes and a chic belt.

For an ethnic look that is bolder than a basic yellow plaid, choose a print with a more intense color. Look for a material like a shawl or an area rug with a design in a striking yellow or bold red. The color can even be used as part of an accent, such as a shawl with an embroidered yellow paisley design. Pair a bold print with pants in a complementary color, such as orange, and you have a look that is both interesting and a little different.

A plaid ensemble looks best with simple trousers in plain shades of yellow or black. If the pattern is too busy, consider staying away from this style. Simplicity and understatement are the keys to creating this great look. Wear an easy top and simple jeans and you have the perfect starting point for an amazing outfit.

If you do decide to wear a plaid fabric, stay away from bold patterns. You can turn an ordinary plaid into something spectacular by choosing details in a contrasting shade. A shawl pinned to a plaid-patterned top can be turned into a focal point. If you are wearing a basic yellow top, but add a bright colored shawl, you have taken this basic outfit and added an exciting accent. This can also be done with solid trousers and a plaid print.

Yellow plaid jackets are versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Because of the wide variety of hues available, you can easily choose an outfit that evokes a favorite color. Even if you cannot find an exact match to your current wardrobe, there are ways to incorporate the new style into your existing wardrobe. Just be creative and enjoy the endless possibilities that await you in this fun color.

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