How To Wear A Double Breasted Blazer Suitable For Different Job Structures

How To Wear A Double Breasted Blazer Suitable For Different Job Structures?

There are very few wardrobe staples that will endure and double breasted blazer jackets are definitely one of those pieces. Seeing as fashion changes so often it’s imperative to constantly maintain the new look to remain modern and stylish. The perfect combination of form and function, these jackets offer both versatility and elegance to any wardrobe. Unique and perfect, they are certain to make anybody look equally fantastic and regal.

Originally introduced in a navy blue color, double-breasted suits were first worn by men on formal occasions, often accompanying an inner or outer jacket in a contrasting color to complete the sophisticated look. Nowadays, these jackets can be found in almost every major style and material imaginable, from fine leathers to sumptuous silk. Originally, this look was achieved by combining two outer garments; a light navy blue top and dark blue or green pants with the navy blue jacket. The height of this look was epitomized by the iconic trench coat, which came to symbolize the cool look of the 20th century.

With the rise in popularity of the double-breasted jacket, many different versions have emerged including: the double-breasted blazer, double breasted Chesterfield suit, double breasted tweed suit and even a double breasted plaid suit! For those who are looking for an all purpose suit, wool or cashmere pea coat would be sufficient while those with a more distinct need for a tailored look could opt for a cashmere shawl or a shawl pinned to the shoulders. The right accessories and finishing touches can certainly complete this look, from a crisp white shirt and simple to tie, to a sharp black Oxford shirt and studded belt. This timeless yet sophisticated look is sure to never go out of style.

The double-breasted blazer suit jacket can also be worn as a dinner jacket with a pair of slim fit trousers and dark leather shoes. The classic look can be further made fashionable with a pair of skinny jeans along with rolled up cuffs and a black leather belt. For a more casual take on the dinner jacket, try pairing it with jeans and a plain t-shirt. A cotton or silk tie would also be an excellent choice to round off this casual look.

The double-breasted blazer can be paired with a wide variety of different neck styles such as; the V-neck, the V-neckline, the soft round neck and the three-quarter neckline. Pairing the blazer with slim fit pants, a double-breasted suit jacket and a tweed suit is a modern update on the traditional dinner jacket and is ideal for both evening and daytime occasions. This is the perfect outfit to wear when you want to dress casually yet still exude authority and sophistication.

One of the best ways to create the appearance of authority is to pair a solid colored shirt with a solid colored top. For instance, a t-shirt with a blue print would look like an authority image because blue is associated with power and authority. Pair the jean top with a brightly colored pair of jeans or a dark denim skirt or leggings. For a less formal look, you could also pair your outfit with a short-sleeved blouse with an embellished rhinestone pin or a fancy printed cardigan. With this outfit, you will appear to be dressed in an upscale corporate fashion showpiece complete with the appropriate accessories.

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