How To Wear Your Oversized Black Blazer

How To Wear Your Oversized Black Blazer?

One of the most popular pieces of jewellery in an evening dress is an oversized black blazer. Not only is it quite versatile but it is also easy to carry around and not too heavy. This makes it ideal for wearing to work, shopping, meetings etc. But how can you accessorise your oversized blazer with matching jewellery?

The key is to find jewellery that matches the style of your oversized black blazer. For instance, if you are looking for a good way to pair your oversized blazer with brown leather trousers, why not team it with a simple gold or silver necklace? A gold necklace will complement the rich colour of your oversized blazer quite well. Alternatively, a silver necklace will give it a subtle hint of difference without making it look overdone.

Another excellent option for matching your oversized black blazer with your outfit is to wear a long, dramatic, dark coloured stripe along the length of your calf. You can wear it at the top of your ankle, or, if you prefer, on the side of your calf. To make your stripes even more striking, wear them right next to your outfit. If you are choosing to wear a long, dramatic stripe along the length of your leg, choose a bold colour for your striped top; bright red, dark blue, green and even purple will all work well. Again, wear the colour of your outfit to create the style for your stripes.

To finish off this fantastic outfit, you need to add some finishing details to it. Look for jewellery pieces that have a slightly rounded shape. This will complete the look of your look, as well as giving it a polished finish. You can find jewellery with a pointed toe, or you can wear a beautiful handmade cuff bracelet that will tie in the back of your black dress. With your jewellery in place, you are ready for the perfect day.

Remember to accessorize your ensemble to complete the look! Wear a beautiful statement jewellery chain with a bold buckle and thick, contrasting handmade cuff bracelets. Alternatively, wear simple, elegant leather trousers in a neutral, tone-on-tone colour. The jewellery will enhance your new leather trousers, making them an easy fashion match.

Remember that when pairing this oversized black blazer with jeans, you don’t want the colour of your jeans to clash with your blazer. So, wear jeans in shades of beige, light brown and charcoal. The colour of your jeans should contrast slightly with the shade of your oversized black blazer. Try to avoid dark colours when wearing an oversized black blazer, as they tend to look too gaudy and theatrical.

Finally, make sure your heels are just right when donning an oversized black blazer. If you find that your shoes don’t fit, you can always bring them in to the tailor and have them stitched. A little extra investment in your shoe-firmness will mean that your black oversized blazer will stay in place throughout the day and evening. You’ll look chic and professional, without having to spend a fortune.

With the above ideas, you should have everything that you need to turn heads when you wear your black blazer. Don’t forget to accessorise your outfit with jewellery that complement your blazer, rather than clashes with it. Look for pieces that have an impact – not too loud, but not so subtle that it looks like you’re trying too hard. Keep the accessories to a minimum so that your jewellery can dominate all that attention!

As far as looks are concerned, the key is to ensure that whatever you choose to wear with it is in harmony with the rest of your wardrobe. If you’re planning to wear a coat or a jacket with your blazer, make sure they go well together. You could also pair your blazer with a pair of trousers – again, make sure they go together but don’t overpower each other. One good rule of thumb is to never mix two patterns (ie: polka dots on top and floral patterned trouser legs below) but if you really must then make sure you keep the pattern slightly darker, thus less contrasting. If you mix and match colours, ensure you don’t do the same on either side of your torso!

The key to enjoying the benefits of wearing your oversized black blazer, is to pick one that suits your personal style and that fits properly. In other words, don’t try and make yourself look like a fashionista by always wearing oversized black blazers. It’s best to have fun and experiment with different colour combinations and materials, so that you can add your own individual flair to your look. This way, you can also make it tailored to suit your body type.

Finally, don’t just throw your oversized blazer on the clothes rack when you need it. You should always have it stashed safely away in its proper place, so that you can get to know it first. You should never leave your blazer at home when you are away from home for any length of time, because it can start to wear out, and also become dirty from the numerous hours of walking around in the city. In other words, you should treat your blazer as a long term investment and make sure that you maintain it properly over time.

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