Wearing a Light Blue Blazer With Skinny Jeans Is a Great Idea

Wearing a Light Blue Blazer With Skinny Jeans Is a Great Idea

A light blue blazer can be the right option for summer and autumn style. This season, light blue continues to dominate department stores and is poised to take over the fall fashion lead. Light blue is certainly less dressy than navy but just as versatile. It looks great in the office with a nice pair of casual jeans, casual shirt, and casually button-down, or it works great with a casual white shirt and a button down. It’s also great for the evening: a light blue blazer worn with black pants or a dark blue sweater can be quite elegant.

Pair a light blue blazer with a great pair of dress pants or a skirt for a fun, casual day look. These types of pants work best with a shirt that isn’t too form fitting. Skinny dress pants in a linen material are ideal, so that they don’t restrict movement or sit uncomfortably on your figure. The linen dress pants are also the best option if you want to pair a blazer with a skirt or pants. Linen is a comfortable fabric, so you won’t have to worry about ironing or avoiding wrinkles.

For a more dressed up look, pair a light blue blazer with a dark pair of black leather trousers or a chino. If you’re going out with a couple of friends, then you may want to consider pairing your dark leather trousers with a light blue blazer in a contrasting shade. Or for more of a stylish appearance, pair your skinny jeans with a black leather jacket. For an all around smart look, pair your blazer with an Oxford shirt.

Pair a light blue blazer with a pair of dark brown dress pants. If you’re looking for a complete update of your wardrobe, then consider buying a black dress pants along with a light blue blazer. You’ll instantly add some color and some attitude to your overall look. These dress pants will help give you a slimming appearance that you can be proud of.

Another great way to incorporate a light blue blazer into your casual wardrobe is to pair it with a casual brown or gray dress shirt. It’s important to remember that light blue looks best with black or darker hues of clothing. A light blue suit or shirt should be reserved for dress occasions only. Pair it with a dark brown leather belt. A light blue blazer, worn with this type of belt, will draw the eyes of everyone in the room.

Pair a light blue blazer with a pair of black jeans. These particular pants will make the perfect combination. This type of denim creates the right effect, especially when it’s worn with a black belt. Don’t wear a chin that’s too tight. The best chinos are the ones that are loose enough to allow you to breathe but not enough to be uncomfortable. When you wear a pair of dark colored pants along with a light blue blazer, the focus will clearly be on the blazers.

Women who don’t want to look too dressed up need to know a few basic outfit ideas. For instance, you can always choose to wear a simple, fitted jacket over a light blue blazer over a white dress shirt with a tie. This is an instant outfit design that will instantly add some extra style points to your outfit. Pair this with a brown blouse for a very smart look.

You can also combine this same pattern with skinny jeans outfit ideas. A blue blazer and skinny jeans can be an excellent combination for those who want to make a statement without looking too dressed up. Pair a blazer with a dark colored top and jeans that are just the right fit. The jeans can be in black, or just about any color that you would choose for the other light blue blazer outfits. You can even put this over a white t-shirt for a casual look that still has that perfect fit.

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